Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Etsy update

Firstly, thank-you to everyone who participated in my survey - I closed it earlier today and I'll be going through the results and possibly posting a round up here but that all depends on whether I find it necessary or not. Either way, I appreciate everyone who took the time and apologies to those who no longer can (I felt I had all the feedback I needed).

Now, to the point of the post: an etsy update. As I mentioned in my first etsy post, I will probably be listing things quite slowly but I will definitely post an update here whenever I've got a few new listings done.

For sale on etsy

Vintage 50s blouse / aqua and white western / 35 bust

For sale on etsy

1990s dress / tan gingham shirtwaist / 22 to 29 waist

For sale on etsy

Vintage 40s/50s dress / moss green polka dot / 28 in. waist 

I've actually already made a couple of sales, which is lovely, but three of my original listings are stil in the shop so please take a look at those, too: Andi B. Goode, Vintage etc.


Andi B. Goode 



  1. Great looks!


  2. Wow, there are some lovely pieces in your shop, I especially love the moss green polka dot dress. I also like the prices, nothing ridiculously high like in other shops. If you weren´t at the other side of this planet I´d order something :)

  3. It is always good to have a little sale and turn some of your treasures into REAL money. You have done a fab job of listing them with pics of you wearing each of them. Happy Sales to you

  4. Aargh, I would so be buying, but I'm just that tiny little bit bigger than you!

  5. Why on Earth have I not followed your blog sooner?! Everything is perfection. I have to make time to go back and read past posts. Love your blog, love your style!! x


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