Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love your friends, they're all so arty

All the way back at the beginning of 2010 I posted a small selection of the photographic work that I had done in the graduating year of my visual arts degree. Since then, I haven't posted any of my art here (I've posted a few craft projects since then, though) - partly because I haven't really been making any art  but I've finally decided to have faith in my abilities as an artist and just make work. 

Another reason is that I felt, no matter how much this is my blog & I can obviously post whatever I want to, that posting my art didn't fit in with the vague 'theme' I'd made for myself here. But the aesthetic of my work is almost always inspired, at least in part, by my love of the 1940s and 1950s so I thought I'd post a small sampling of what I've been working on lately. (I've also been struggling to blog at all so, until I find the time to sit myself down and brainstorm, I figured this was as good a thing to blog about as any other.) Hopefully it's enjoyable to my regular readers, and a welcome change of topic, rather than a nuisance. (Though I suppose it's vintage link is no more tenuous than my ukulele posts. Ha.)

At the moment I'm not doing any photographic work but have returned to my first love: drawing. And then painting the drawings with watercolours. I'm getting happier with my work the more that I do and have had some lovely & wonderfully encouraging comments on both Tumblr & Instagram. 

Too Much

Last Night

I was thinking of doing an entire series of these floating heads but wasn't sure how many I could do before they got boring and repetitive. 

I guess there are just two kinds of people...

A piece of fanart in celebration of Mink Stole's character in Pink Flamingos, Connie Marble.


I've tentatively written 'cherish' on the banner on her left arm - no other reason than it was the first word that popped into my head.

Hey, football-head!

When I started looking at the picture above this one, she made me think of Helga from Hey Arnold! but I was sad that she didn't have a mono-brow. I decided I needed to draw my own version of a grown-up Helga (but not too grown up - she still wears a giant pink bow and has 'Arnold' tattooed on her arm) and that's what I did!

Anyway, I'd love to know what you all think! I've always been uncomfortable calling myself an artist but I've recently realised that I need to make myself stop caring - I am an artist and shall endeavour to feel comfortable to refer to myself as such. I also need a scanner as photographing my work isn't that great.

Andi B. Goode


  1. ahhhhhhhhh i think these are adorable!!!

  2. Lovely, lovely!

    I like that the girls you draw aren't "conventionally beautiful" per se, however they're no less alluring, plus probably more interesting in light of this.

    Also, I'm totally getting a vintage vibe from these ladies - you're soo not off-topic.

    I'd love to see more of your art :)


  3. I really love your girls! Re: making the leap of calling yourself an "artist", it made me think of this quote: http://twitpic.com/85boat

  4. I love these!
    I love your grown up helga, hey arnold! was such a cool show :)

  5. That's awesome, Andi, thank you very much for sharing some of your work. I say embrace your artistic side and hang on firmly with both hands! Life it too short not to be creative as often as possible.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Love the floating heads! Beautiful colours and quite off-beat beauty. Good work!

  7. I really, really love these. These girls have so much personality! I love that your art is all your own. I definitely want an Andi B. Goode portrait. :)

  8. I really love how strong their features are - maybe in the hands of another artist, such a series could become boring, but you've made them all so unique!

  9. Everybody can be considered as an artist if you don' copy someone else work!!!
    I love artists you make series a single theme with a lot of drawings.
    Can look great expose all together in line for example!
    Nice work!

  10. These are really cool! I especially love the Helga painting.

  11. I think these are great, Andi, and lady #2 gives me a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane vibe. In a good way, of course!

  12. Love the Mink Stole picture. I knew it was her instantly

  13. These are brilliant, love the mono browed girl, a grown up Helga is a fantastic idea, I need to start drawing more, I doodle at work but that doesn't really count! x

  14. I think you are wonderfully talented and really enjoy and am inspired from being in touch with all aspects of your art.

    My artist friends always seem to be my kindreds :) Keep moving with it babe, I cant wait to see what the future brings.

    It feels like it's going to be a fantastic year! xx

  15. I think they're darling. And I know what you mean, I'm still trying to accept my art and how I want it to look, so I feel weird calling myself an illustrator, but it is what I am. Keep up the lovely work!

  16. im so in love with your art! all the babes you draw are absolutely amazing

  17. I really like your drawing style! These are great.

  18. Post more art!!! :D I love seeing your artwork--it's so fun and really speaks of your aesthetic. Plus I love your gal's candy-colored locks. ;) Seeing this is inspiring me to drag out my neglected sketchbook (all I seem to jot down in there are messy dress ideas and pattern schematics for sewing) and make some art. :)

  19. I love love love the top 2 illustrations - i think you should sell them as prints (as i really really want copies) and im sure other people would purchase them too


  20. Absolutely love them, especially the second :D It's so nice to get back into painting again, you are most definitely an artist so you should call yourself one!

  21. Thank-you so much to all of you! It means a lot to me to have this kind of feedback & support. <3


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