Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue lace, black tights and a ukulele

I shocked myself by going out two whole nights in a row! I was a bit uncertain as to what I was going to wear on the second night but luckily my ASOS order arrived and I was able to indulge my '60s mood further by wearing this little '60s-esque number (and listening to The Troggs whilst getting ready). Of course, the look might be slightly more '60s if I were wearing a different shade of lipstick, but I can't imagine wearing anything other than red! (I also don't own any shade other than red - ha!)

Feeling a little '60s...

Outfit details: earrings - gift; dress - ASOS; tights - Woolworths (was in a rush & had no tights); bracelet - op-shop; shoes - Big W.


I was planning to wear my hair up until I brushed it and this happened. Now if only I can get it to happen on purpose instead of by accident!


I must apologise for the less than stellar quality of these shots - it was raining outside and the quality of light in my house is usually awful, even on a sunny day (what I wouldn't give for gorgeous natural light in my house!) and obviously I didn't feel like getting soaked.

As I mentioned, I was listening to The Troggs whilst getting ready - well, I also recorded a ukulele cover of their song With a Girl Like You (changing 'girl' to 'boy' & as well as a line in the first verse).

And for anyone who is interested, you can see some other videos at my YouTube channel that didn't make it on to the blog.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You really suit this look Andi! I kinda like the red lippie with it but then I am a red lippie gal

  2. I love your outfit! I just got that dress too!! :D

    Also I love the 60's look you've been doing lately!

  3. Really love this outfit on you, that colour suits you perfectly! This look reminds me of An Education, not as something Carey's character wore in the film, but as something her character might wear on a night out.

  4. You look wonderful in that dress. Behind you there is a quite a few cameras that look interesting. Do you actually use these cameras...:–?

  5. Great cover! I dare say you did, but if not did you catch this cover over the holidays http://labelleoiselle.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/auld-lang-syne.html

    Alice xx

  6. Cute dress Andi and I LOVED your video!



  7. Oh I love that lace dress!! So cute. The red lippie looks fantastic with it, I think. Between your blog and the Mad Men re-watching I've been doing, I'm having a bit of a '60s moment myself over here. So fun!

  8. Eugh! Good hair that happens by accident - bane of my life. Usually when I am messing about with it before I go to bed. *sigh*

    Love this outfit :)

  9. Such a beautiful dress and you looks so cute with your hair like that.

  10. I love your hair like that! And of course it onlt does goes like that unintentionally. You look lovely as always, I like the 60's style on you.
    x Molly

  11. Amazing dress! It suits you really well, with that red lipstick and black hair:))

  12. GREAT dress, GREAT look, GREAT pink walls. x

  13. Gorgeous dress and a lovely cover of that song!


  14. You are seriously one of my favorite people ever. I have this asos dress as well--- so does Kate! We should all do a joint post one of these days. :) Love your music, as always. Move to TN. Be my friend.

  15. That dress is fab! I adore the color and the lace overlay! Moreover, your hair is gorgeous! I also like your brows! Perfection!!

  16. Love your hair and make up and I adore the uke video. Wonderful

  17. Wow, lady, you're gorgeous! Love that color on you! Can I raid your closet?

  18. Your hair looks gorgeous, did you lighten it? I hate that when you do a fab do on accident well its good but not when you cannot replicate it! The dress is perfect on you, love that colour blue x

  19. Alright....
    Dress - darling
    Hair - gorgeous
    Singing - pure awesome!


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