Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Everybody's wearing blue jeans

Vintage separates are one thing that I often keep an eye out for (they make up a very small portion of my vintage wardrobe) yet rarely find in my size. Blouses, I will admit, are usually easy enough to find but skirts and pants? Not so easy in my experience. So, when I saw these great 1950s jeans (well, I don't think technically they are jeans, not being made from denim but they look jean-ish) in my size and at an affordable (for me) price I had to snap them up. 


Outfit details: scarf - op-shop; sunglasses - $2 shop in Melbourne years ago; blouse - ASOS; brooch - etsy; bangle - Salvos; jeans - etsy; shoes - KMart.


They're going to be great for those warm days when I just don't want to wear a dress or a skirt. I'm looking forward to finding other tops (in my own wardrobe) to go with them, too. 


I haven't quite mastered not squinting/frowning when in the glaring sunlight, even with sunglasses on! I am definitely not an outdoors kind of gal.



And here is one of my favourite songs about blue jeans!

Andi B. Goode


  1. While I love vintage skirts and blouses and mixing them up with different pieces in my wardrobe, pants are one thing I've never warmed to.

    It's funny. I was a HUGE jeans wearer back in high school and now, I never wear them. Oh, how we change! :)

    I love your jeans and they do look perfect for wearing on sunny days. Especially with your adorable orange blouse.

  2. I just LOVE 50s, high-waisted jeans. But they are hard to come by and when you do find them, rather spendy! This pair is just downright adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be pairing 'em with!

  3. I have a single pair of blue jeans (vintage inspired though) that I wear once in a blue moon. You look gorgeous as always, and I look forward to seeing you style these bad boys.

  4. Separates are definitely lacking in my wardrobe. I could use a pair of pants like that! I keep meaning to make some but...well I haven't yet and it's been awhile!

  5. I'm the same way...it's always hard to find bottoms in my size. Great pedal pushers or are they clam diggers? Anyway, good find :-)

  6. I love the jeans! Been meaning to make a pair of high waisted blue jeans myself soon enough.

  7. I am a definitely a separates woman, rather than a dress one. Those are lovely. I'm lucky I have a few pairs of vintage jeans, I'm not lucky in that they don't fit right now! I'm more a trousers/skirts girl though rather than jeans.

  8. I love jeans. It infuriates me that the market is often skewed as if no one ever wore trousers before 1980. What do they think they wore for sport in the 30s, the war effort in the 40s and being teenage rebels in the 50s eh? Not to mention flares/unisex after that.

    I love a vintage trouser but really struggle to find them in the shops.

  9. keyyuuute!...I love your whole outfit here!! AND your hair is darling in braids, too!
    and I'm sure you know all about Freddies of Pinewood http://freddiesofpinewood.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=bluepedalpushers
    but there it is anyway...I don't know what you consider "too much" to pay for a pair of jeans, but I think I've seen you mention ordering clothes on here before...

    I had a pair like these that you're wearing in this post, and I used to roll them above my knee and pin with some of my mom's vintage animal pins for a more capri / pedal-pusher feel and closer fit toward the bottom...

  10. Hello Andy, watch this video.
    Italian rocker Adriano Celentano and his blue jeans song.


  11. They look great on you! So comfy and cute for summer. I adore separates but by nature they can make it so hard to make outfits out of! Like I have tons of blouses that go with almost no bottoms I have, except jeans. I need to be better about figuring out outfits with separates. :)


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