Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday night with some friends

I want to start by saying that I certainly didn't mean to not post anything for five days, but I suppose these things sometimes do happen! Apologies for that and, now, on to the post. On Friday night I met a couple of friends at Regattas to see Lucky Seven Swing. I threw an outfit together quickly as I hadn't given much thought to what I was wearing but I was happy with how it turned out (in my experience, sometimes the quickly chosen outfits can be better than some you spend a lot of time on).

(All of these photos were taken with my (new) iPhone 4S because I was excited at how great the quality is.)


Outfit details: scarf - op-shop; sunglasses - Dangerfield; earrings - made by me; top - Target; belt - gift; skirt - Goodwill; bag - can't remember; shoes - Betts.


This is the only shot out of this lot that isn't that great, but that's because I took it with the camera on the front of the phone, which isn't as good. But this was the best shot that I got of my hair. I found this tutorial via The DC Metro Retro and it's just so simple and looks great. It's based off of a hairstyle from Mad Men but, as I don't watch it, the main draw for me was that it looks like a beehive but doesn't involve any teasing and/or backcombing.


Miss Betty Jane & Miss Kitty Boo.


Me and Miss Kitty Boo.


I played pool with Miss Betty Jane and lost.


At the end of the night we headed down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights (my favourite place in Adelaide at this time of year) so I thought I may as well share a few photos that I took there.


Andi B. Goode


  1. Your outfit it epic - especially as you just threw it together :) Looks like you had a great night!

  2. You look gorgeous.

    Tell Miss Kitty Boo I think she is HOT!

    I have hardly used my real camera since I got my iphone. :/

  3. hey foxy mama! That hairstyle looks AHMAZING on you! I have that Target top in a few colours, it is so simple but flattering!

  4. Love your photos. That hair looks great!

  5. Love your hair!The outfit too!I agree,I think when we over think things we end up messing it up and that definitely applies to outfits.The things that get thrown together often come out the best.

  6. You look amazing, love the silhouette and those shoes are perfect, that fairground looks magical, what a lovely night out! x

  7. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Your hair and dress complement each other well. I wish we had an amusement park near where we live. That place looks so cool.

  8. Aww looks like you girls had a good time! I love the look of the garden of unearthly delights! :) x

  9. LOVE the hair! I'm going to check out that tutorial

  10. I love this outfit! Your hair looks great like this :-)
    I think a pencil skirt plus tall hair is incredibly flattering on most gals.

  11. You've been inspiring me so much lately. You said you wanted to branch out from your usual style.. and you just DID. I'm all talk, you know? Lately I've been trying to branch out, and I kid you not, I was thinking of you! (In a non-creepy way!)

    Anyhow, on another note, I was wondering if you'd like to be pen pals or something of the sort. I'm really bad at replying on time, but I figure that since we're so far apart, it'd take a while so I would be more likely to reply.
    Let me know what you think! :)

  12. Oh my god! I want to go here! And your outfit is fabulous!

  13. I've just read through your whole blog !!! It's great. Lovely for me to see a bit of Adelaide and to hear about the Garden of Unearthly Delights as my sister was a manager there this year!!!

    You look great!

    Love Ellie @darlingsvintage


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