Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holy batwing sleeves, Batman!

On Sunday I went to see another show for the Fringe. This time I was accompanied by my lovely friend, Laura, who has her own (Tumblr) blog: Mint Mary Pea. Do check out her blog as she's very stylish! Anyway, I was quite excited about my outfit for Sunday night as I got to wear a blouse I'd just recently bought and couldn't wait to wear out.


Outfit details: blouse - Bluejuice from Myer; pedal pushers - Miss Hussy; ring - Sportsgirl; shoes - KMart.


I'm also wearing a different lipstick - this one is a lot more orange (though I only have a red lipliner so it's still quite red in this photo) than I'm used to! It's #12 in the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick. I really like it but I need a matching lipliner so it'll be as orange as it's meant to (and I'd like it to) be.



A very subtle ring!


I hope the subject of this post makes sense, now! Check out these sleeves. I saw this on the 50% off rack at Myer and thought 'this blouse is incredibly ridiculous...I should try it on!' For the 'lulz'...and then I actually liked it! And I don't think it's entirely un-vintage in its inspirations, either. I think it might look rather nice with my Heyday trousers, as well...I'm going to have fun trying this out with different items.

Anyone else have an experience of trying something on for fun and ending up falling in love with the item in question?

Andi B. Goode


  1. a) The second photo of you is *gorgeous*.
    b) I'm surprised I do but I really like that blouse!! It's very floaty and different in an awesome way.

  2. Your blouse is lovely! Great lip color, and bow ring too!

  3. Mushroom and angel judges give this daring outfit a gold star.



  4. I do love your bow ring and yes I think the blouse is lovely!

  5. Oh I do love ridiculous sleeves, the blouse looks fabulous on you! I never try anything on so I end up going for ridiculous things quite a lot, i.e. a 1950s bridesmaids dress I won on eBay not sure where I am going to wear it aha. Anyway to the batcave! xx

  6. I am obsessed with batwings and so is my twin sister. It is our strange twin thing. We always buy them if we see them!

  7. Yes I had a batwing dress and it felt very vintage inspired to me too! I think they look amazing and flowy but still more structured than a 'pirate' blouse.

  8. Lovely comfy looking outfit for seeing a show in. I like the lippy too!

  9. I really do like that shirt. That ring is adorable too :)

    Superstition Vintage

  10. such an interested blouse! and i love that ring.

  11. You have really fantastic vintage inspired hairstyles :) Also adore that ring, is it bakelite, lucite?

    Rodellee | Adore Vintage

  12. I love that blouse! Looks even lovlier in person. hehe I have an outfit shot from our date night too but have been a bit bombarded with homework so getting behind in the blogging! Thank you for your kind words also! xox

  13. Absolutely love that 2nd photo.

  14. Going straight to Sportsgirl for that ring! Lovely photos! Great lippy too. Bought a batwing beaded jumper, thought I could alter it to make it look like authentic 50's - it makes me look huge - that blouse is very pretty on you!


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