Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let's Play Barbie!

I'm planning on doing a small post on vintage Barbie fashions but, first, I thought I would share this new collection of vintage reproductions being offered on Basically, you get to choose a doll (blonde, brunette or redhead) and they will send her to you in a red swimsuit with the spring fashion, then each season you'll get a new outfit for her! How neat is that? 

Unfortunately, they don't ship overseas so I can't take part (I really want a titian - redhead - repro Barbie) but I'm sure they'll end up on eBay (probably at prices I can't afford...but I can still look). 

Now this is a dress that I would definitely wear if it were human size! A reproduction of Garden Party #931.
I love that the outfits are packaged in the same way they would have been in the '60s, as well. The attention to detail in these repros seems great! A reproduction of Resort Set #963.

I love this jumpsuit and hostess gown...and the gold platform slippers! I wouldn't mind if this came in human size, too! A reproduction of Dinner at Eight #946.


A reproduction of Winter Holiday #975.


{All images from Barbie Collector except the two images of my vintage Barbie catalogue.}

Andi B. Goode


  1. Those are so fun! I think I'd want the red haired Barbie, too, or the Brunette. I love all the clothes but my favorite is the jumpsuit and hostess gown. I sure miss my Barbies...when I was a teenager, my Dad had a garage sale and sold all my Barbies without me knowing it! He thought I didn't want them anymore :-(
    Thanks Dad! Oh well, some other lucky kid got to enjoy them, and now I can enjoy looking at these!

  2. Eeeee I love these! Why don't you look into a mail forwarding company? There are plenty that send stuff to Australia from American sites that won't ship here - basically they provide an address (and can even pay for you if the site requires an american CC number, then they invoice you). Failing that I'm sure you have plenty of lovely overseas friends who could help out! I'd love the redhead as well; I only had blonde dolls as a child and really wanted one who looked more like me (of course an older, impossibly glam me). Hope you find a way to get one!

  3. These are way too cute for their own good!


  4. Dina: Oh no! I would be so upset if that happened to me. But, that's true!
    Miss Emmi: Oh, I really couldn't afford these, anyway. I'm only allowed one Barbie purchase a month and it has to be under $50. I shall just have to admire these from afar (aka the internet) but thank-you for the suggestions :D
    Sydney: They really are!!

  5. Yeah they need to make these outfits my size please, love the second one! Hope you find one on eBay! xxx

  6. How adorable! I never been a Barbie kinda girl but I could definitely find a place in my heart for these retro beauties! :)

  7. DAAAMN those outfits are killer! I especially love the jumpsuit one and the winter holiday one. Super cute!

  8. Stunned that they don't ship internationally - don't they realise that there are barbie lovers the world over? I've never had a barbie (only a cheap knock off, who I loved anyway)so wouldn't mind a red-head myself

  9. Hello my dear, just to let you know that you have won the lobster necklace in my give away! Just pop your details to my email;, have a great weekend xxx

  10. oh man, I want all 3!!!!!


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