Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea Cups & things

When I posted pictures of my serving cart, I mentioned that it's usually covered in teacups and the like, and a few of you expressed interest in seeing my teacup here it is! I don't really have all that many so I've included some that belong to my mum, as well.



You may think I've just posted the same teacup and saucer set twice...but I actually have two of these. One belonged to my paternal grandmother, and I found the other in an op-shop. I've since seen a mint green set that wasn't, alas, for sale. One of them was made in Japan, the other is Westminster China Australia.


I'm not one for wearing florals, that much, but I love floral patterns on other things. Especially pink floral patterns!



These are some novelty teapots my sister got for my mum, including a jar of marmalade and a fancy toilet.


Little coffee cups (above & below) - the woman mum bought these from broke one as soon as we went over to buy them...luckily she had multiples so brought in another the next week.



I have a vague notion that these are larger because they were made for men? Both of these (above & below) belong to my mother, as well.



And these are my favourites so I had to post more photos of them.

Andi B. Goode


  1. The little green coffee cup and saucer are lovely.

  2. I'm quite sure I have those same pink teacups and saucers packed carefully away at my parents house somewhere!! Nice!!

  3. Those pink ones are so lovely. Pity the mint green one wasn't for sale (isn't it a pain when that happens??).

    I would love a complete tea set, preferably vintage.

  4. What gorgeous little tea cups you have Andi!

    I actually have a bit of a thing for those Japanese off-centre tea cups and that one you have is wonderful. :)

  5. I do love the pink one and the unusual shape of the saucer!

  6. Love those little coffee cups! Great collection!

  7. I would just be running about your house shrieking at everything! :) Such pretty things you have wise one! :) I have a thing for tea cups too!
    Zoë x

  8. Oh my the pink cup and saucer are beautiful, I do not even drink tea so I would like pink lemonade in it please! xx

  9. The pink set is gorgeous! I think a whole table setting of that style in pink and mint would be heaven :)

  10. I have the grey version of your lovely pink pair! It came from my maternal Grandmother and is one of my most treasured keepsakes from her. YAY for awesome teacups!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pink ones!!! Super jealous right now!! ;) Lovely collection honey and thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  12. Would you like to take part in my photo challenge?

  13. I love those pink teacups so much! They're just so delicate and pretty :)

    I like to collect tea pots and I would expand my collection to cups too if only I had more room! I need more shelves, hehe.

  14. So much prettiness! This post somehow managed to slip past me until now! xox


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