Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Way We Wear Fair March 2012

The other weekend I went to the Adelaide Way We Wear Vintage Fair - I've been a few times before and have never left empty handed. However, just as with most other places, I'm finding less and less that I can afford but I did find some knitting patterns (I really didn't need any more!) and a cake container (pictured at the end of the post) within the tiny budget I'd allowed myself for the night.

I didn't stay very long so I only got a few quick snaps with my iPhone - it wasn't as busy this time (I'm wondering if it was because it coincided with quite a few other events) and it just didn't feel as big to me in general, despite seeming to have the same amount of vendors. 


There is always a themed display - I believe there were two this time (I didn't actually stop to take a proper look). One for sixty years of Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne and one commemorating fifty years since Marilyn Monroe's death.



I got to a point where I'd just check out the prices on one or two of the items in a stall before moving on - I hadn't given myself much money to play with and I wasn't exactly in the mood for browsing without buying, which was a pity as there were some beautiful things to just gawk at I'm sure!




The cakes/cookies/scones set on the left is the absolute cutest I have ever seen. This lady's stall is always great - I've bought so much from her over the past few fairs and I'm considering going back to the next one just because of her stall (hoping she'll be there again) because I doubt I'll be going back for anything else.


I love the Stitchcraft booklets but only have one other from the 1940s so that was a nice addition to my pattern collection. You can see some photos of what's inside at the end of this set on flickr.


I hemmed and hawed a bit about getting this - was I only getting it because I was disappointed that all the dresses were way way out of my budget? Wasn't I only going to have yellow/grey/red in my future kitchen? etc. - but obviously I ended up coming home with it. It isn't often that I see Nally Ware that is even remotely affordable for me and I do love pink & black so I bought it! I was going to have a colour theme for my future kitchen but I've decided not to worry about that for now. And this now has my stockings in it and suits my bedroom quite well. (I was going to use it for doll clothes but brandnewarmour suggested stockings.)


Andi B. Goode


  1. gosh. i need to go to Adelaide

  2. I love going to vintage fairs but I know what you mean about often leaving a little empty handed because things are outside budget.

    That set of cake/cookies/scone containers is AMAZING! I'm AMAZED you didn't leave with it. I'm not sure I would've had as much will power as you. I do love your cake container though so I think you won with that buy. :)

  3. Oh wow, so much vintage, love it xx

  4. Ah, I meant to go to this and totally missed it! Sad. I don't really have the money to spare either though so maybe that's a good thing! The cake tin is too cute.

  5. Love those knitting patterns! I'm an avid collector of the Stitchcraft magazines from the 1940's. Looks like it was a good fair :o)

  6. I usually avoid vintage fairs as I know what you mean about the prices, I rarely leave with anything as I just can't afford anything. I love your cake container it's fabulous!

  7. Oh the cake tin is so you! perfect. I am currently on a budget it sucks donkey balls, but I am saving for a house! xxx

  8. That cake stand is thoroughly delightful! Terrific find. Vintage fairs are super few and far here in Canada, so I've never had the chance to go to one in person, but I really do enjoy visiting them vicariously through posts like this.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. i love that cake pan! and i know what you mean about budgets and not being able to afford gorgeous vintage things...

  10. I can definitely sympathize about not being able to afford the lovely dresses , but I really love what you did end up getting! That cake container! I love pink and black together too ^^

  11. the cakes tin is so precious! love the layout of the store


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