Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday (Links) On My Mind #4

Doing these round-ups has really helped me keep up with the blogs I read but it's also made me realise that I might not be reading as widely as I'd like to. Though, I was kind of overwhelmed by all the great posts this week and it was hard to whittle the list down so it wasn't too long for anyone else to go through!


♥ The photo for this week comes from this set on Flickr - I think I found it via Tumblr and it's worth checking out!
♥ Kate made a DIY tutorial for making your own 3D embellished dress (or any other article of clothing, I guess).
♥ I am by no means a horror movie aficionado but I had fun going through this list of the 100 'best' & counting how many I've seen: 23 (including some of my all-time favourites). How about you?
♥ Aimee of Bright Young Twins contemplates the question 'what has made vintage so popular?' with some interesting thoughts in both the post and the comments.
♥ Check out these gorgeous movie posters by Anselmo Ballester of Märta Torén.
♥ This post on Aelita - Queen of Mars has made be determined to track down this Russian silent film. And by determined I mean I almost forgot about it until I started writing this post. Oops! (It's up in 9 parts on YouTube and there are probably other places to find it, too.)
♥ A neat post on the Fashion of Doctor Who from The Frog's Eyebrows.
♥ Stephanie points out some neat, but not necessarily practical things, seen in vintage home interior advertisements.
♥ Thanks to Natasha I now know about the (yet another photo) book, Marilyn by Magnum. I can always do with more coffee table books of gorgeous photos!
♥ Stumbled across a Tumblr dedicated to Katy Keene - there's not a whole lot on there but it's a nice showcase of Katy's style through the years!
♥ And finally a great round-up post on Busby Berkeley's The Gang's All Here from alt screen.

I think this might be a little heavy on TV/movie related posts and just a rather long list in general. Let me know if it's maybe a bit too long...but hopefully it's a case of the more the merrier!

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love all the TV & Film related links :) Maybe because I have been watching a lot of tv series lately. The Doctor Who fashion post was fun!

  2. Hi Andi, cheerful Friday greetings. Not too long in my books at all - the more hand picked links, the better in my books. Off to go check out all the ones I haven't read yet this week. Thanks for the breakfast time fun. :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous Friday & weekend!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I kust found out your blog and I love it.
    You have a beautiful style.

  4. Thanks for posting my link! Have a great weekend!! :)

  5. Hello Andi! Just catching up, I adore you in red hair! :) It really does suit you so well! I miss my red hair! :) I'm going to check out this doctor who fashion post now ;) Have a splendid weekend! Zoë x

  6. I'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies. I think I've only seen about 7 on that list! Haha! Although, if there were some Japanese scary movies on the list I might be able to push that figure into double digits… just! ;)


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