Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I never wanted to use macramé to kill!

First of all, thank-you again gorgeous blog readers for all the lovely comments on this post! I'm really loving my new red hair and it makes me happy that so many people think it suits me so well. Secondly, here is another outfit post (the subject of this post may seem a bit odd but I am wearing a polyester dress...)


Outfit details: 1970s/80s polyester dress - community op-shop; belt - Valley Girl; shoes - K-Mart.


I was initially going to sell this dress on as I don't wear polyester often but I like the almost 50s-esque (but still very late 70s/early 80s) style of the print and the subtle colours, too, so I decided to keep it. Plus, it's a really great simple style and the polyester is very light-weight so I didn't find myself getting as warm as I usually do when I wear polyester.



A lot of my favourite photos from my favourite photographers are self-portraits using mirrors - I even wrote an essay last year focussing on some photographers from the '30s who did mirror self-portraits and it won me a prize. So, obviously, I'm really fascinated by this case I used the mirror because I was feeling too lazy to set up the tripod, timer, etc., but the mirror can be such a powerful visual symbol (sometimes even without intention) in a photograph...but I have too many thoughts to sum up concisely, right now, so I shall leave it for another time or place.


Oh, and I love the pretty shadows that sheer dresses make as well as the varying degrees of transparency in this one.

Andi B. Goode

PS If you like my uke covers I've got a new one up today...


  1. Lovely dress. I DO like polyester because I feel the cold and it's warm, but then again I am very 70s!

  2. Love it!! I adore you as a red head! Welcome to the club!!

  3. Your hair looks amazing this colour!

  4. Can't stop loving your hair, sweet gal! The dress is fab, too - I really like finding 70s/80s pieces with a 50s look to them, as they generally cost less, but retain much of the same vintage charm.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. So pretty! That dress really is lovely, and looks great with your new red hair. I adore that last photo so great.


  6. I love natural fibers, but polyester comes in such a variety, from the heavy doubleknit stuff to more sheer chiffon-y types, that it's kinda crazy to rule it out entirely. That dress has a fun print! And I like mirror self-portraits! They allow you to control what you look like in the photo more.

  7. Karen - that is true but I get hot very very very easily and sweaty, too, plus I must conduct a lot of static because anything even remotely polyester-y and it just clings to me/makes me get a lot of zaps! And I keep forgetting about it until it's too late to use anti-static spray or something. And yes they do! That's one of the things I love about them as well :)

  8. Thanks everyone!! :D
    Perdita - ah yes. I am the opposite and get hot very easily! Hehe

  9. I love photographs taken with mirrors too! There's a certain art to capturing all the right elements in the reflection and around it.

    I don't usually wear polyester eithers… boo to Aussie hot weather! But that dress looks super lightweight and lovely. LOVE the shadow photograph!

  10. Love you as a redhead. We flame haired girls turn heads!


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