Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round #1

Sometimes, when I'm not sure what to blog about, I throw some ideas around on twitter...usually even just one enthusiastic response is enough for me to go ahead with the idea which is why I now bring you a series on my record collection. Now, I don't want to give the impression that I have a gigantic collection but it is a bit too large for just one post. So, I'm going to break it up a bit (into three, maybe four posts...or would that be too many?) and start with my soundtrack records. (Apologies for the title...couldn't think of anything else and I do love that song...even though that's not its exact title.)

I love a good soundtrack or cast recording - I have playlists in iTunes dedicated to both - so it seems only natural that, as a part-time vinyl collector, I would have a few in my vinyl collection. I'm not a particularly discerning collector and will tend to gravitate toward the bargain bin more often than not and my record player isn't all that great, either. But collecting records is fun, which is what I feel all collecting should be. I think there have been times when I've nearly squealed or jumped up and down in excitement at what I've found in the record racks at times.

So, without further ado, here are a few of my soundtrack related vinyl records...


This LP was in a whole heap of records that my dad gave to me. It is now one of my prized possessions. I remember Kate saying she'd just found the same record in her dad's collection when I posted a photo of this to instagram months ago, which was a neat coincidence!


I haven't seen this film since I was a little girl but I usually can't resist a soundtrack when I find it amongst the Liberace and Kamahl records that are found in almost every single op-shop.


I think I got this from the Salvos store that's really close to where I live. Whilst I find it nearly impossible to find really great clothes at op-shops, I still find quite a few great (in my opinion) vinyls at them.


South Pacific 45s: Broadway & Movie (I also have the movie LP)


How great is this cover?


Found this LP just the other day (along with the soundtrack for Hair!) at a stall that had some records for half price. So this was only $1.


LP/45. The LP cover is gorgeous.

These don't exactly fit in with the theme of my blog but they are my two all-time favourite vinyl soundtrack finds thus far:


I'm not sure I could top finding the soundtrack to Xanadu for $1! Almost all of my favourite finds come from the bargain bins because, I guess, no one else wants them.


And I haven't even seen this movie but the soundtrack is just so good!

I do have more soundtracks but not all have exciting or interesting covers.  Other soundtracks I have include: Bridehead Revisited (TV show - I'm not sure why I bought it to be honest); Oliver (a stage recording); Porgy and Bess (stage recording); Kiss Me Kate; Fame; Beaches and at least a few more.

I'm pretty sure that I haven't spent more than $5 on any one of these - usually I spend around 50c on a 45 and $1 or $2 for an LP. I also find that the soundtrack records tend not to have been played very much!

You can see some more of my records that have been uploaded so far in this flickr set. And now that I have the photos side by side you can see that I didn't quite match the colour cast on all the photos. Oops! 

Aside from scouring op-shops, some great places to get records around Adelaide are: Title Records (only new); Clarity records (new & secondhand); Fishermen's Wharf Markets (a few decent record stalls); Mr V which is now only at Semaphore and there are often record fairs on throughout the year.

Now, I just know there will be other record collectors reading this but do you have a method to your collecting or will you just collect anything that takes your fancy (which is pretty much my method)?

Andi B. Goode


  1. So far we have no doubles! You've found some awesome covers - I love that Carousel (which I actually haven't seen) has a movie still and the second South Pacific (er...also have not seen *hangs head*) is divine. Love the Can-Can and the little heads on the first Pajama Game! The colours on Annie Get Your Gun are wicked too. I may copy you at some records rarely get seen and I can't even remember some of what I have! I'm still meaning to do the sheet music posts as well. Yeesh!

  2. Very cool! What a great idea for a post (or a few). I'm the same way, most of my records are soundtracks and show tunes... I have South Pacific & The King and I too! I saw The Threepenny Opera at the library shop the other day but passed it up... might have to go back and get it.

  3. Love the graphics on all of these. esp the Can can one.

  4. I collect Disney and musical records too. I have my Grandad's rather large Jazz record collection which makes me happy as everytime I play them it reminds me of him. I am still yet to find a Winnie The Pooh so am a tad jealous of yours. :) Excited to see what else you have x

  5. I have some vinyl I just can't part with but I have a thing for sound tracks too! I remember dancing around the room to the Sound of Music "I am 16 going on 17" trying to get my brother to join in whilst I jumped on and off the couches..... just like the film!!

  6. Oh, I love your collection!! Esp. that Annie Oakley soundtrack... swoon! And The Pajama Game! Well, it's all wonderful!
    Just recently someone gave me an album of Oklahoma! 78s from the original '40s Broadway production... highlight of my week ;)

  7. Whoa, I have so many of the same records!

  8. Such a wonderfully fun record collection! I adored the Muppets as a youngster, so (much as I'd flip for any of these) I think one has to be my very favourite.

    I don't collect records myself...yet. My sweet hubby recently bought me a vintage looking CD player/record player in one for the 8th anniversary of the day we first met, so I can now finally buy any vintage records I see while out thrifting that catch my fancy.

    If I do build up a collection over time, I'll be sure to let you know how I end up storing them and if my collection veers in one direct or not.

    Oodles of hugs & happy Wednesday wishes
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Great idea for a blog post! I suppose I "collect" vinyl--although much of my collection has been in my possession since my childhood, which was, um, pre-CD age. For example, I have that same Xanadu album, and I've had it since the movie came out, which may give an idea of my age! I'm unlikely to listen to it again, yet I'd be loathe to part with it because it was such a part of my childhood (same with my Star Wars soundtrack albums).

    I might just buy some new vinyl at Record Store Day--I did last year!

  10. well you saw part of mine on instagram so i might do a post with ig-pics. when i have the time and energy :D

  11. I don't have any method to the madness that is my record collection...if I like something, whether it be the cover or the music, then I buy it! Great post Andi!

    Superstition Vintage

  12. LOVE this blog post series Andi! I wasn't and aren't really much of a record collector myself (my claims to fame were the Cocktail and Chipmunks soundtracks… LOL) but I love seeing other people's collections.

    I'd particularly love to listen to your Muppets and Xanadu albums. :D

  13. This post makes me nostalgic. I used to listen to records all the time as a little kid.

  14. We have that South Pacific album too! I have no idea what it is but I loved the cover so much that I had to get it, now it sits on our mantel piece.


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