Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday (Links) On My Mind #6

family outing
Family Outing via vivienne_strauss on Flickr

♥ Hannah shared these divine hand-painted blouses she found on etsy. I'd seen them earlier but nearly forgot about them. Once you see them you'll wonder how they could ever have left my mind!
♥ Miss Rayne has done a great review/comparison of Gio stockings to Aristoc Harmony stockings. Well worth checking out!
♥ I loved this round-up of prettily painted nails at Diversions. I envy those who do fancy things to their nails but with strumming my uke every day there's not much point for me.
♥ Charlotte shared some photos of a lot of pulp novels that she bought on eBay...I just love all of the cover art.
♥ Amber is looking for people to contribute to a week long feature about loving and accepting yourself. Check out the details here and here.
♥ Julia has a zine up for sale - it's about stepping away from the internet once in a while and looks pretty cool.
♥ Not at all vintage but the editor's pick on Alt Screen this week made me happy as My Own Private Idaho is one of my favourite films.
♥ And check out Vaein Zine a new local online magazine project thing that I've been asked to be a contributor for...this describes the project better than I could!

Thank-you to those who left kind words wishing me a better week on my last round-up - I've definitely had a better one, this time, but as you can see I've not had a lot of time for reading online! I'm trying to balance writing two blogs as well as other things so the link list this week is a little sparse again.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend...

Andi B. Goode


  1. How adorable is the photograph! glad your feeling a little better hun x

  2. oh man those painted shirts are incredible. we're really into crustaceans right now, aren't we? i blame schiaparelli!

    and thanks for the shoutout andi!

  3. What a heartwarming sweet vintage family photograph.

    Fantastic roundup of links this week! I know you just started this series a few weeks ago, but I really do find myself looking forward to it so eagerly as each week wraps up. I read every link (if I haven't done so already), and just love knowing which stories have caught your eye.

    Tons of hugs & joyful weekend wishes,

  4. ooh, can't wait to dive in and check these out!

  5. I keep daydreaming about those blouses! lovely round up. So chuffed you had a better week ;) xxx


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