Thursday, June 7, 2012

Andi. B Goode & Lady K Loves...again

Quite some time ago now I showed you all photos of the finished product of the collaboration between myself and Lady K Loves. Now I get to show you it again but this time on me! I've had my own dress for a little while now but, with one thing or another, I've not had the time to take photos. Then I took photos on the weekend and came down with a cold so didn't feel like blogging. Excuses aside, here's what my design looks like on me...


As you can see, I'm wearing a little top underneath - the neckline plunges just a little more than I thought it would but I think it looks nice with this underneath. I'm also wearing my own belt that does not come with the dress.

I think I didn't realise it was quite so plunging as I'd only seen it on bodies less full in the bust than mine so hopefully seeing the dress on a different body shape will be helpful for some (well, a larger body, if not a completely different shape).


Still in love with the buttons and trimmings that Lady K Loves chose! And, remember, the fabric and trimmings, etc. are all vintage.


I'm kind of glad I waited to take photos as, ever since I dyed my hair red, I've had this urge to wear orange! It isn't even a colour I usually like but the orange of this fabric is so lovely.


Ha! The expression on my face in this one is priceless.

For more information please see my original post on this dress. You can still buy your own here at the Lady K Loves website - there are 5 left. And you can see the creator, herself, wearing her own at her blog here.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You look perfect in this, and I love the combination of the red hair and orange. Didn't realise that it was all vintage materials that is sweet. I love the last shot, your more candid poses are the bestest! xx

  2. That dress is really lovely, what a fabulous shade of red.

  3. It looks lovely on you.....I also didn't realise it was going to plunge so much! But it is something I've become more aware of...cutting dress as some one who's definitely small in the bust makes it really hard to judge how they'll look on someone a little larger in the bust!
    It was a real pleasure working on this with you and I'd love to do it again! LKL xx

  4. Looks great! And perfectly nice with a top underneath. It's a lovely color on you!

  5. This dress is gorgeous, and looks great on you!

  6. The dress looks lovely on you and I love how you coordinated it with the white top underneath and the white belt.

  7. Very elegant, a nice collaboration :)

  8. Wonderfully pretty dress! I really like that rich, becoming shade of dark orangey-red, and think it looks marvelous with your crimson locks.

    Wishing you a fabulous Friday & week ahead, sweet gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. I like the dress and your hair is getting long!

  10. Cool dress! Your hair looks so long! Lovely!

  11. What a beautiful dress, I love the design!

  12. The white top actually add a really nice element to it anyway. It is really lovely on you :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  13. Gorgeous! And I do love that orange colour with your red hair :)

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  15. By golly! That looks amazing!! And until I read that you had a shirt under, I thought it was part of the dress!

  16. Freakin LOVE this colour on you, girl!! This look is gold, solid gold.


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