Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orange, orange, green and brown...or what I didn't wear

Does anyone else ever have those days (or evenings/nights) where they've planned an outfit for however long in advance only to put it on and...not feel quite right in it? That's what happened to me last Saturday night. I was determined to wear this late 70s maxi-turned-mini dress (and even bought new tights to wear with it) but when it was on I knew I loved the way the outfit looked but it just didn't feel right for that night. And it was even stressing me out because I had had my heart set on this outfit (pictured below) but I didn't feel at ease in it for some reason, even though I loved (and still do) the way it all looked together and even how it looked on me. So I ended up changing (into this outfit, more or less) and feeling infinitely better. But I did take photos and I didn't want to waste them so I thought I would do a what-I-didn't-wear post, instead.


Outfit details: 1970s dress - op-shop; jewellery - various; tights - Sportsgirl; 1940s shoes - etsy.


I've already mentioned that, ever since dyeing my hair red, I've had a craving for orange clothes, despite never having been much of a fan before. And aren't these tights a delicious colour?


The main reason I didn't wear this was that I didn't feel like wearing it for a night of cabaret shows. If I'd been going out to dance the night away to some indie and/or 60s tunes then I would have been more than happy to wear this. It's so very silly, yet one of the most important things for me in my personal style is to feel comfortable and at ease (if not always physically then mentally and emotionally) and I didn't, so I changed. Quite simple, in the end.


I'm not entirely certain about these shoes with the outfit but black felt too harsh and, despite being a pair of '40s shoes, the shape still goes quite well with the outfit (not surprising as '40s styles, even in shoes, were reused in the '70s, anyway). But I think I'd like a slightly lighter pair of shoes or maybe something that isn't lace-up...or maybe flat shoes. Shoes are so often a stumper for me! Orange and brown is so very '70s, though.


As I said, I still love this outfit - the colours of the dress are gorgeous - and I will be wearing it at some point again, before the end of winter...and I'm sure it will even make it out of the house then!

Andi B. Goode


  1. The dress is really cute on you I love those lace up shoes. Think this ensemble would cool with some badass platforms! xx

  2. So cute! I totally know what you mean though. Feeling good is everything! x

  3. this happens to me ALL THE TIME! Ian thinks I'm nuts when I change - but I totally get it - you need the right outfit for the occasion!

  4. I love the outfit too - but I hear ya about not wanting to wear something out after it being in your head for so long. It's a pain in the arse when that happens :(

  5. Oh yeah I often have a last minute change.

    LOVE that outfit though... orange rocks with red hair. I have so much gold, brown and orange!

  6. That dress is beautiful, I hope you find the right occasion to wear it soon! That happens to me a lot, I'll often spend a whole 8 hour shift dreaming up the ultimate outfit for a party and it doesn't work outside of my mind!

  7. I hope you finf another occassion to wear it, it's a really cute outfit!

  8. Very cute! But I totally know that feeling. I had this idea awhile back to wear a pair of plaid pedal pushers out for the evening, even fished out a shirt from my then-unearthed summer clothes, was all proud of myself and then looked in the mirror and it totally just felt off. Really cute, but not right for the occasion. Sometimes it just happens!

  9. I love this outfit!! The sleeves, the print, and the colors! those tights are the perfect shade!
    same thing happens to me all the time, but also sadly, because I've gained some weight so an item I plan on wearing might not fit as well at the moment, so that's been hard.

  10. This happens to me...I will put on an outfit and LOVE it...but then when I put it on again at another sometimes doesn't FEEL right for day, occasion..whatever! Too funny.
    It does look super cute though!

  11. I do this all the time! It drives my boyfriend mad as I'm forever changing my outfit before going out.

  12. Yes, I completely know what you mean about an outfit that you've been crafting in mind for ages not feeling quite right once it's actually on. I've had that happen tons of times - as recently as this past Sunday actually.

    I think you look terrific here though, and am sure that another day will arise when it feels like this is the outfit that you absolutely must wear (and thus it will feel awesome as soon as you slip into it).

    Wishing you a fantastic last few days of June, dear Andi!
    ♥ Jessica

  13. This also happens to me all the time Most of the time I think it has nothing to do with the outfit but more about my self esteem/ confidence on that day. I always resort back to an outfit that I know will make me feel confident, like a security blanket.Then I wait for a day when I feel ready to try out the original outfit. This one is lovely and it destined for another day i'm sure of it. :) xx

  14. Oh, I have those days more often than I like! The amount of times I've planned to wear something and then (after several minutes or hours!) or ums and ahs I usually just through on something old and reliable.

    Your outfit is really cute! I love the colours and I'm sure you'll find the right time to wear it. Feeling good is what's important. :)

  15. i would've went with brown shoes. but i love the color of those tights and that dress is stunning on you.

  16. That dress is so adorable!!! And the bright tights! It's a dandy outfit, but I get that "not quite right" feeling from outfits sometimes too. I'm always late for things, as I get the urge to change outfits at the very last moment ;)

  17. Oh my gosh, so SO know that feeling. And what a horrible feeling to have.

    This outfit is fabulous! I love the cut of the dress. I'm not sure I've seen anything like it before.


  18. I love the dress, especially the print on the fabric which is just incredible. I second the vote for platforms with this look!

  19. As someone who used to dress only in pencil skirts and 50s gear, I get your predicament with the dressing in different eras. Love the dress though, the colour is ace and you look great!

  20. This dress is beautiful honey!! Not that the one you wore wasn't although it is lucky you didn't wear it because I may have been tempted to rip it off you and run home with it!! teeheehee!! :P xxx

  21. This dress is gorgeous and really suits you, but i know exactly what you mean. I do this sometimes and it always stumps me as to what I'm going to change into...


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