Saturday, June 2, 2012

Square buttons and a round collar

Just stopping by with another outfit post! That makes the third in a row - hopefully I'll have a bit more content during the next week or so but I also hope you all enjoy the outfit post, nonetheless. I'm wearing a refashioned vintage dress that was given to me as a gift just last week. It definitely had the 60s babydoll feel to it, it just needed to be shortened! I'm really pleased with how it looks at its new length and I love the little details like the Peter Pan collar and the three square (non-functional) buttons.



Outfit details: refashioned vintage dress - gift; tights - Coles; shoes - Rubi Shoes.


Once again, I'm sporting my hair in its natural state. I've just been really uninspired to set it, lately, or do anything aside from brushing it after I've dried it. 


I'm still not used to wearing shorter dresses and I forgot how much they can ride up when you sit down! Ha! Even just last year I wouldn't have worn a dress like this - I'd have told myself it was cute but not 'right' for my body shape and I'm trying to stop myself from doing that. I like this cut of dress and I do feel comfortable in it, despite fearing I may not (because how I thought I would look), and I don't want to stop myself from wearing clothes I like because I told myself it wouldn't be right for me or I was influenced by outside sources. This taps in a little to what I wrote here but I think I'd like to explore these ideas further one day (I'd link to other great posts about similar ideas but I'm kind of tired right now). But for now I'm going to wear cute 60s style dresses and just not care.


And this would have been one of those 'outtake' photos - I was trying to brush my fringe out of the way and this is what my face did when I was unsuccessful with my endeavour. It's probably a more accurate representation of me than a lot of other photos.

Andi B. Goode


  1. The shape of that dress is just superb. LOVE IT.

  2. It looks adorable! And there can never be too many outfit posts, I always love them. :)

  3. It looks great on you! Love the style of it, too!

  4. So what if your body type is not "right"for a specific era or style...
    I think it's more important how the outfit makes you feel, comfortable, pretty or that it matches the mood You are in and most importantly that it matches Your personality!!!
    I'm pretty convinced everybody loves the outfit posts, so You just keep them coming, baby...
    Mayby You are not inspired to do anything special with Your hair because it just right as it is? I think so anyway.
    And. I do hope people on FB ,Twitter and bloggers would dare to be more "true" because as it is nowadays everybody is just interested to show a perfect image, a surface, for others to envy and admire...but the not so perfect is to me soooo much more interesting and personal so keep them funny faces coming tooo.
    XXX /Kristina

  5. I think you looks great in this type of dress! Great outfit!

  6. such a cute dress. and I am so loving your hair.

  7. That is such a great dress! Mod Wednesday Addams!

  8. Love it! I stopped wearing my beloved 60s dresses when my shape changed because I too talked myself out of it, thinking that it wasn't appropriate for my body type. But now I just don't care anymore and it's now shortened hems all the way!

  9. Cute! The contrasting collar is so very 60s and I look I adore. I always shy away from wearing anything above the knee but I don't think you should. That dress and it's length really suits you.

  10. So completely cute! Love the square buttons - we need more garments (new and old alike) with those, they really stand out and bring a lot of visual interest to a garment.

    Wishing you a stellar weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. :) I LOVE this dress, you look great in it, love the shape and buttons! Perfect cut too! I know exactly what you mean, the day before yesterday my butt was touching the bus seat thanks to the short cut of my wee dress!!! Trusty cardigan to the rescue! :) Ignore what your negative head and what other unimportant heads say, your positive-head and my head say you look wonderful in cute short 60's dresses! ;) Seriously though, you do! xxx

  12. Looks gorgeous! I love that hair and dress on you.....super cute :)

  13. Adorable dress I love the white collar, and the last shot is my favourite you look so pretty xx

  14. adorable, love navy on you x

  15. I think you look great in that outfit, it suits you very well! I think short dresses like that are particularly nice with dark tights like you've done!

  16. As afore said, one can never have too many outfit posts !! And I too am loving your hair at the moment - it really suits you strait !


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