Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An outfit and a look at Adelaide

In the past some of my readers have said they'd like to see more photos of where I live but, to be honest, I'm usually quite forgetful about taking photos of my own city when I'm out and about. However, I've just bought a new camera and, wanting to test it out, took some snaps around the town when I went to the movies on Monday. I'm still getting used to it (the photos show up brighter on the display than on my computer, so I should pay more attention to the exposure settings onscreen than the image itself) so the quality, etc., of these may vary! (I did study photography I just feel like I've become forgetful of what I learnt.)

Not quite awkward mirror shot.

Outfit details: beret - gift; sunglasses - Dangerfield 1950s cardigan - etsy; top - Target; belt - gift; tartan pants - made by my mum; shoes - KMart.

Entrance to Palace Eastend cinemas.

View of Rundle Street, with construction/road works.

Some street-art on the wall of The Exeter.

Very grainy photo taken in the low light conditions of the cinema foyer.


Adelaide Library and Institute building on North Terrace.



Testing out the 'self portrait' setting.

Hopefully that was interesting! I'd like to try to take more photos where I live but I have to get in the habit of taking my camera (and not just my phone) out. But here's a little view of my city for those of you who have never seen any of it. Hopefully the extra photos make up for the lack of text in this post!

Andi B. Goode


  1. Looks like such a beautiful place, the library is gorgeous, as is your ensemble. I need me a sequinned cardigan! xxx

  2. I'm hopeless at remembering to take my camera out with me and almost always use my iPhone (and instagram) for snapping things around me. iPhones are handy but the quality is sadly never as good.

    I love the pics of your home time and the glimpses of some of the buildings. I visited Adelaide once when I was little but don't remember a lot about it. There must be so many beautiful old buildings!

  3. Love your plaid pants and cute embellished cardi outfit, as well as the fun tour you took us on. This makes me think I should do this for our town one day, too (thanks for the idea!).

    ♥ Jessica

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  5. Oh how I love tartan pants. Fantastic outfit! I tend to forget to take my camera places nowadays, which is silly, it used to go everywhere with me. It was interesting to get a peek around Adelaide

  6. Oh I miss Adelaide :( I loved that city. It and oddly Launceston are my two favourite Australian cities, Melbourne is up there too.

  7. thanks for showing us a bit of your city!

  8. Hi Andi I'm an Adelaidean by birth and I love our fair city. Try Adelaide arcade next time for some memorable shots. It even has a resident ghost.

  9. nice blog xx :))

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  10. I'm an ex Adelaide girl (moved to Brisbane when I was 5, but still have family there). Such a pretty city, and the people are super friendly too. Awesome place (especially Hove :) ).

  11. the quality of light is so interesting in adelaide. and you're so cute.

  12. What movie did you see at the Palace?

  13. Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful city that you live in. I will be dropping by storage Adelaide in a few weeks time and I was not as excited as I surely am right now after looking at your photos. Sometimes it is the little things around us which are under-appreciated that are really beautiful if we were to look at them closely. Beautiful things do not necessarily need to be expensive and grand.


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