Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lady K Loves Bernie Jumper

Every now and then my lovely sponsor, Lady K Loves, will send me a piece of clothing from their range for me to review on my blog (always something I've chosen myself and only if there is a piece I'm interested in or have been eyeing for a while) and this time I was sent one of the Bernie jumpers in gold


As you can see I've made the jumper look a lot more casual with these plaid pants but with different pants or a skirt it's just as easily 'dressed up' - versatile pieces are my favourites. Speaking of versatile, I like that I can also make it look either a little 50s or 60s, depending on my hair, etc.


I tried to capture the lovely lurex thread that is woven throughout the jumper but these photos make it look like the jumper is decidedly less sparkly than in real life.


The fabric isn't overly thick but I like that it's relatively lightweight - it means I can layer without feeling too uncomfortable and that I can wear it on a winter night when I might be going somewhere that's a bit warmer inside. (Does that make sense?) It's an acrylic and elastane blend with lurex woven through.


I love the boat neck and that it sits in the perfect place on my waist (for me, anyway).


Andi B. Goode


  1. It looks great on you, Andrea. I especially love the texture and slight bit of sparkle! :-)

  2. that sweater looks killer on you. so flattering! I think you need to do a brassiere post because the silhouette you've got is PERFECT.

  3. Oh you look like the perfect sweater girl in this, I am very much partial to lurex xx

  4. So very pretty and shimmery! That sandy golden hue looks fantastic on you, and especially compliments your lovely dark red locks.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. It's lovely and very flattering :)

  6. Ah this looks awesome on you! I have one of these & I love it! I wore it all spring (to early summer) & plan on wearing it all fall & winter too!

  7. That jumper fits you beautifully


  8. That lurex sweater looks beautiful on you! So flattering and yes,I agree with the other girls you have a lovely silhouette.

  9. Wow. I love those pants. And your lip color is fantastic!



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