Friday, August 24, 2012

Heyday! Vintage Style Gab Jacket Review

When I was asked if I wanted one of Heyday! Vintage Style's Gab Jackets in exchange for the sponsorship I receive from them I answered yes immediately. I've had my eyes on these jackets ever since they were released and if I'd had more disposable income/wasn't saving I would have happily purchased one. In fact, once I save a bit of money later on, I think I may have to get one in the harlequin check as well! But, first of all, let me tell you what I think of the jacket...


As you can see I chose 'Evening Sparkle' for my Gab jacket - honestly, how could I go past all that sparkly lurex thread?! The fabric is a wool and viscose blend (with lurex thread) and it's fully lined - the jacket is light weight enough that I know I could comfortably wear this in slightly warmer seasons as well as being able to layer it with a very thin jumper in winter. Of course, this all depends on where you live and how well you deal with certain kinds of weather!


I've stood at a slightly awkward angle here but I wanted to show off the back - it's very simple but I love how it sits with the fitted waistband.


I've just realised this is a little too dark to properly see the details! But hopefully you can still see the pretty swirly buttons.


I have to apologise for the lack of full length shots but hopefully this will show how it looks as part of an outfit - with the pencil skirt it is definitely looking a little more '50s...


Oh, and it has REAL pockets. This can be a bit of a rarity in modern women's clothing so I was really excited. Granted, the pockets aren't very deep but, as described from the Heyday! website these: Finger tip pockets are just big enough to house your favourite lipstick and jukebox money.

photo (8)

Here is another shot to show off the gorgeous buttons and lurex thread.

photo (7)

I absolutely hate to use a picture of this quality in this post but, after taking the other photos, I realised it was a bit too cold for a skirt so changed into my (of late) frequently worn plaid capris. And confirmed what I'd already guessed - the jacket looks just as great with pants as it does with a skirt. As it does have the slightly more '40s-esque shoulders it would look great with wide leg trousers, too (as evidenced by the model shots on the Heyday! website.)

I know I've not written anything about pricing - that's because concepts like 'affordable' and 'worth it' are so very personal and individual so they change from one person to another. I can tell you that it is well made, will almost certainly last me a long time and that I can think of about at least 8 different outfits it will go with just off the top of my head. So, hopefully my review can be helpful in that respect!

I'd also like to mention that I'm completely completely in love with this jacket and wouldn't say nice things about anything if I didn't mean it (I do hope that goes without saying, though). And it will be coming away with me for sure.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love that lurex jacket - soo sparkly!

  2. Fantastic piece! I love the the black background makes it wildly versatile, while the silver thread adds an instant dose of luxuriousness to any ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I really love the change of outfit! Those trousers are fantastic :)!


  4. looks great on you. it's a really cute versatile piece.

  5. It looks MINT with the tartan trousers! I love HeyDay x

  6. Hmmm, a good review. Will have to check them out!

  7. The jacket looks great on you. Definitely think it looks awesome with the pants. :)

  8. Beautiful jacket, black and glitter, how can one go wrong?! xx

  9. Never seen these LUREX material on Heyday designs! It's really pretty with red, love your second option!!!


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