Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Instagram August

I've never really bothered to do one of those Instragram roundup posts that other bloggers do but I've been relatively inactive here this month and significantly more active there that I figured...why not? Just this one time, anyway. So here are some (though not all) of my Instagram photos from August, so far...

instagram august 1
Went out dancing with my friend, Kate. She had an amazing 1980s peach blazer on, and I was wearing my favourite ASOS dress.

instagram august 2
Became completely enamoured with this Jessie (from Toy Story) doll because of the super cute vintage style box (meant to replicate the box the Jessie doll would have come in originally within the universe of the film). Also found the photo of me as Darth Vader (with plaits) hilarious. 

instagram august 3
Bought some things for my wrist.

instagram august 4
I've always regretted not getting Minnie ears when I was in Disneyland so I asked my lovely friend Danielle if she could get me some on her next trip there. Clearly I'm very happy about them. Ha.

instagram august 5
Went out for pizza. Wore my new ASOS blouse (which is so good with '50s high waist pants), new kitty ring and vintage clover brooch.

instagram august 6
Was sorting through my stockings and things so took these photos of my favourite vintage stockings boxes (the yellow is actually my absolute favourite) and suspenders (which are from What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly.)

instagram august 7
The first photo I've ever taken of my vintage Barbie doll case and a photo of my latest '70s/'80s Barbie finds. Oh, the two dresses in the front are vintage Blythe!

instagram august 8
Some things on my walls: a Mickey t-shirt I had as a child (I guess it would be considered vintage?) and two of my favourite prints. The Vincent Price print (not currently for sale) is by Danielle and the Biker Eowyn is by Noelle Stevenson aka GingerHaze from her 'Broship of the Ring' series.

instagram august 9
I found this Figgjo plate at an op-shop for $2. I didn't know anything about the company but I've been told they're very collectable! And you get a sneak peek at my glorious Gab Jacket from Heyday! Vintage Style which I will be blogging about later in the week.

You should be able to see the rest of my photos here and you can follow me on Instagram by searching for @andibgoode

Andi B. Goode


  1. yay for the mouse ears! I asked for Mouseketeer ears when my sister went OS years ago, with my name embrdoidered and all :)

  2. Awww, what a wonderfully fun post! I don't have an iPhone, so I'm not on Instagram, but if I ever get one, I'd love to take your lead and post roundups like this, too (ohhhh, and I'll definitely follow you there).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You picked some fun snapshots. I enjoyed your post-an instagram post is much better than no post! :)

  4. Instagram updates can be good because sometimes I realised I've missed seeing a pic! I should probably do more posts like this myself but I keep forgetting. :)

  5. Ha ha I love the Darth Vader picture so much. Also I still can't get over how cute your Barbie case is. xx

  6. Can't wait to see the gab jacket review - i've been wanting to sew one for ages but maybe I might just buy one of theirs... ;)

  7. Woohoo, two shout-outs in one post! Hehe. I'm so glad you like your Minnie ears, and they really suit you! Also thanks so much for linking the shop! I re-stocked the Vincent Price print in case anyone is interested. ;)

    I loooove Noelle Stevenson, I feel honored to have one of my prints close to hers!

    Those stockings boxes are gorgeous! And I also love the kitty ring and the giant yellow bow. Love your instagram pictures, Andi!


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