Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silver Screen Sunday {Summer Holiday}

Well, it's been another long break between Silver Screen Sunday posts - I had this scheduled for whilst I was away but, even though I'm still here, I figured I may as well still use it!.

Summer Holiday is just one of a number of movies made in the '50s and '60s starring singer Cliff Richard, though his film career was by no means more prolific (or of any greater quality) than that of Elvis Presley. Despite a ridiculous plot and some elements that I frown at, Summer Holiday is a fun, colourful film with lots of great early '60s fashions. It also serves as a showcase for Cliff Richard's songs, backed by The Shadows (who make numerous cameos throughout the film.)

Summer 00002

Don, played by Cliff Richard, is a mechanic who, along with three friends, also mechanics (played by Melvyn Hayes, Teddy Green and Jeremy Bulloch) do up a London double decker bus with the intention of taking it on holiday tours with paying passengers. The test trip doesn't go quite as they planned, though...

Summer 00018

They all but kidnap Una Stubbs (playing Sandy) and company - I say all but as the women eventually decide to go with the men but this is after being manhandled out of their not-at-all-road-worthy vehicle as the four men try to coerce the girls onto their bus. That sounds a lot more sinister than it is presented in the film but it did strike me as I was re-watching it just a few weeks ago, now. The three women all have gorgeous outfits throughout the film (which somehow fit into their small suitcases - hmmmm.)

Summer 00026
Summer 00034

They change their destination to Athens so the women (a singing trio) can make a gig on time and have other adventures/mishaps along the way...

Summer 00037

As I said, The Shadows make numerous appearances in the film, once of which was during the club scene when the travellers are in France, I believe. Oh and there are plenty of slightly odd dance sequences, too! (I couldn't find a video for the club bit but maybe I didn't look hard enough.)

Summer 00038

I love Una Stubbs' hair in this movie - makes me want to chop my long locks off! I also love Melvyn Hayes' (as Cyril) wardrobe. I think these two probably have my favourite fashion throughout the whole film.

Summer 00053

Can you see the hand and footprint print on Cyril's shirt? So cute. 

Summer 00065

I'm also fond of the amount of stripes present in the costumes! Oh, and all the very amusing facial expressions. 

Summer 00087

They discover a stowaway played by Lauri Peters who is the famous Barbara Winters, disguised as a young boy to escape the demands of her career (well, mainly her mother).

Summer 00073

Look at Cyril in the top picture! And the print on Sandy/Una Stubbs' dress, too. This is the part where Cliff Richard starts singing about how every girl is a beautiful girl when you're a Stranger in Town - all the women around him start turning into young, beautiful scantily clad ones as he walks by. Hmmm.

Summer 00123

Of course there is convenient that everyone is paired off so nicely! Oh, but Don insists he wants to be a Bachelor Boy and have A Swinging Affair (then changes his mind later on).

Summer 00126

Then there is some waltzing (really waltzing?) and the women, as you can see, have these beautiful dresses. I can't pick a favourite - the colours, styles and fabric are all so gorgeous.

Summer 00154

Another great shirt/hat from Cyril!

Summer 00163

When they finally arrive in Athens (after many mishaps orchestrated by Barbara's scheming mother including arrests amongst other things) they get arrested...again! This time for kidnapping Barbara and she is whisked away before she can explain it all to either Don and the gang or the police, etc.

Summer 00178

Barbara's mother locks her in her room (wearing this beautifully simple blue dress) but Don gets her out and (spoiler alert, ha) it all works out in the end!

Summer 00186

I tend to view movies like this more as a showcase for the singer's music and some great clothes. Plus it is fun to watch and the supporting cast is actually very good (some of whom appear in other Cliff Richard films, as well.) And I'm a huge fan of Cliff's music - he has such a beautiful singing voice. Any other fans (either of the movies or just Cliff)? I do wish there'd been more of The Shadows as I've got a bit of a crush on a young Hank Marvin...

Andi B. Goode

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lomo Snaps and an outfit

Well, Solanah's post was the last of the guest posts I had lined up so I suppose now is as good a time as any to end my blogging break! Thanks to all of my wonderful guest posters and thank-you to everyone for the kind comments on this post. And I'm glad you've all been enjoying the guest posts, too!

One of the many things I did on my blogging break was to finally finish off the roll of film that was in my Lomo Smena 8M and get it developed. I have no idea how long the film had been in there but there were a couple of outfit shots so I thought I'd share those as well as some other snaps.


Outfit details: scarf - op-shop; sunglasses - ?; dress - somewhere in Melbourne; brooch - etsy; belt - ?; bangles - op-shops; socks - Happy Socks; shoes - gift.

Not quite in focus...


I love playing around with multiple exposures.



I thought the film photos would make a nice change from my usual digital! I really need to use my film cameras more often. I like when I leave a roll in for a long time and get a nice surprise when the photos are finally developed.

Andi B. Goode

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Luggage Collection by Solanah {Vixen Vintage}

Today's post is brought to you from Solanah of Vixen Vintage; Vixen Vintage was one of the first blogs I found when I first started my own so I'm really pleased to have Solanah as a guest poster. Solanah has shared some photos of her absolutely gorgeous vintage luggage collection, of which I'm only a little bit jealous... 

Hello! Solanah here from Vixen Vintage. Andrea invited me to post on her blog, and I thought you guys might like to see my luggage collection. I found two of the pieces at an estate sale, and squealed the when I spotted them! The colors, the pattern, and by my favorite vintage luggage maker, Skyway. I immediately went home after buying them and searched for more of the collection. I'd never been much into collection luggage before (lots of vintage girls go for the Samsonite pink or aqua set), but now I'm hooked. I found the traincase on Etsy, and the small suitcase via someone in town. I think my favorite is the garment bag, because it's so unique, and that was a gift from Rogue Retro!

Suitcase 1

They are pretty easy to spot among other travelers black luggage, and durable too. Skyway made this bold set, and a more classic brown tweed set for those who are wary of this much color. Do you collect any luggage or travel sets? They're a little addictive once you get started!

Suitcase 2

Aug 1938 195

Aug 1938 189

Friday, September 21, 2012

Easy Vintage Hair for Travelling by Bex {Subversive Femme}

Today's post is brought to you by Bex of Subversive Femme, a fellow Australian vintage blogger and collector of knitting patterns. Her knitting skills are far superior to mine; she has a great selection of free knitting patterns that she's scanned as well as some e-patterns for sale on etsy. These styles are also great for other times you're in a hurry...

Hello lovelies!

I’m Bex from Subversive Femme – and the delightful Andi has asked me to guest post while she’s away travelling. I feel very honoured, that’s for sure! (Please note: as previously mentioned I am still home in Adelaide, but this post was written by Bex before my plans were changed).

And since we’re both vintage-enthusiasts, what better topic than how to make doing your hair just that little bit easier when you’re travelling with some easy vintage scarf styles?


Here’s three styles, and all you need is a scarf, some bobby pins and some pin-curl clips. (Excuse my face in the photos – it was blowing a gale outside)


Use the pin-curl clips to pin your fringe/bangs into curls at night, and during the day use them to pin any length out of the way.

1. The Turban.
A mainstay of the 40s, and great for those over-size scarves. Simply fold in two of the opposite ends of the scarf until it’s about four inches wide (this creates a pocket for your hair at the back). Wrap it around your hair.


Tie it once at the centre. Tie it again to make a decent sized knot.
Tuck one of the ends down the left hand side on the top, the other on the right hand side on the bottom. Add some bobby pins to the side to for security.



2. The Jaunty Bow
I wear this one all the time – it's great for when you want to look a bit ‘dressy’ but don’t have time to do your hair. Best for the smaller silk scarves – just fold it the same way as above, except tie it in a knot off to the side.


Tie the ends into a jaunty bow, re-arrange the petals to your liking (and don’t forget the bobby pins on either side to secure it).


And lastly, my favourite.

3 . The Rosie

Great for those smaller cotton bandanas. The trick is to fold one edge in, but only a third of the way down.


Tie the two longer ends together in the centre front, and bring the third end (at the back) up and over the knot.


Tie the two ends again over the top. Tuck any lose fabric in until its neat and to your liking.


Thanks so much Andi for allowing me to share this post with your lovely readers!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Packin' by Hannah {Leopard and Lipstick}

Today's post is brought to you by Hannah of Leopard and Lipstick - Hannah is a fellow vintage-wearing, movie loving blogger and I feel we are kindred spirits in many ways. She's got some great tips on travelling in style for you all!

The gorgeous sassy ukulele wheeling Andi has asked me to do a guest post, so let me entertain you for a moment, whilst she is off galavanting in Canada! (Please note: as previously mentioned I am still home in Adelaide, but this post was written by Hannah before my plans were changed).

I think one of the most exciting parts of travelling is deciding what you are going to pack, what will you need, where are you going to be, what's the weather going to be like? So many questions, and you know who I turn to? The dames of Hollywood, the majority of my sartorial choices are inspired by cinema. So, let me share with you my one of my favourite vintage travel inspirations.

Marlene Dietrich, as Shanghai Lily in Shanghai Express, is one of the best dressed characters out there. She's stuck on a train but still looking fabulous. Directed by Josef Von Sternberg and costumes by Travis Banton, there is not a lot that could go wrong. 

Starting the journey: you need to travel in style to kick your holiday off to a good start, wear something comfortable that makes you feel fabulous. I think this is the perfect time to dig out those treasures you never get chance to wear at home and really go all out! 

A cotton dress, a cosy coat and some glamorous luggage oh and a hat to hide the fact you got up last minute without time to set your hair-do! 







Whilst Travelling: you're stuck on that train, plane, donkey, so slip into something more relaxing.

Kimonos are my bestest favourite lounge wear, they are elegant and comfortable. Mine has been paired with a slip and then some satin pyjamas to keep that chill off whilst you're slipping to the next cabin, for a moonlight dalliance with that gent you used to know. 






The evening:  The party, the meal, the arrival. This is when you can dust off your glad rags and really splash out, go for glitter, feathers, veils - all at once preferably. It's not like anyone knows you're not a Countess.  









So, be it a weekend visit to see family or across to the other side of the world, ensure that you take your favourite garments, spoil yourself and have fun.

Kisses from Hannah of Leopard and Lipstick xxx