Friday, September 21, 2012

Easy Vintage Hair for Travelling by Bex {Subversive Femme}

Today's post is brought to you by Bex of Subversive Femme, a fellow Australian vintage blogger and collector of knitting patterns. Her knitting skills are far superior to mine; she has a great selection of free knitting patterns that she's scanned as well as some e-patterns for sale on etsy. These styles are also great for other times you're in a hurry...

Hello lovelies!

I’m Bex from Subversive Femme – and the delightful Andi has asked me to guest post while she’s away travelling. I feel very honoured, that’s for sure! (Please note: as previously mentioned I am still home in Adelaide, but this post was written by Bex before my plans were changed).

And since we’re both vintage-enthusiasts, what better topic than how to make doing your hair just that little bit easier when you’re travelling with some easy vintage scarf styles?


Here’s three styles, and all you need is a scarf, some bobby pins and some pin-curl clips. (Excuse my face in the photos – it was blowing a gale outside)


Use the pin-curl clips to pin your fringe/bangs into curls at night, and during the day use them to pin any length out of the way.

1. The Turban.
A mainstay of the 40s, and great for those over-size scarves. Simply fold in two of the opposite ends of the scarf until it’s about four inches wide (this creates a pocket for your hair at the back). Wrap it around your hair.


Tie it once at the centre. Tie it again to make a decent sized knot.
Tuck one of the ends down the left hand side on the top, the other on the right hand side on the bottom. Add some bobby pins to the side to for security.



2. The Jaunty Bow
I wear this one all the time – it's great for when you want to look a bit ‘dressy’ but don’t have time to do your hair. Best for the smaller silk scarves – just fold it the same way as above, except tie it in a knot off to the side.


Tie the ends into a jaunty bow, re-arrange the petals to your liking (and don’t forget the bobby pins on either side to secure it).


And lastly, my favourite.

3 . The Rosie

Great for those smaller cotton bandanas. The trick is to fold one edge in, but only a third of the way down.


Tie the two longer ends together in the centre front, and bring the third end (at the back) up and over the knot.


Tie the two ends again over the top. Tuck any lose fabric in until its neat and to your liking.


Thanks so much Andi for allowing me to share this post with your lovely readers!


  1. Love each of these three timelessly pretty looks! I adore rocking headscarves, too, but seem to have a devil of a time tracking down larger sized ones (be they vintage or modern) that easily wrap all the way around my (very average sized) head. I've started thinking I might have better luck just trying to buy some appropriate fabric and hand sew my own.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. These are great!
    I love scarves! It seems like my head is too small for them, though. Maybe I've been doing it wrong, so thanks for the tips!


  3. I use these two, also I made an 'alice band' style one by folding my scarf then knotting down low behind one ear.

  4. Great tips! I wish I had longer hair. :)
    Your sweater is completely adorable too!

  5. cute blog! i love the style tips!

    lindsey louise

  6. Thanks guys, and thanks to Andi!

  7. Hi Girl, I am from Brazil. I like your blog and always follow.

    Daise Alves


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