Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Packin' by Hannah {Leopard and Lipstick}

Today's post is brought to you by Hannah of Leopard and Lipstick - Hannah is a fellow vintage-wearing, movie loving blogger and I feel we are kindred spirits in many ways. She's got some great tips on travelling in style for you all!

The gorgeous sassy ukulele wheeling Andi has asked me to do a guest post, so let me entertain you for a moment, whilst she is off galavanting in Canada! (Please note: as previously mentioned I am still home in Adelaide, but this post was written by Hannah before my plans were changed).

I think one of the most exciting parts of travelling is deciding what you are going to pack, what will you need, where are you going to be, what's the weather going to be like? So many questions, and you know who I turn to? The dames of Hollywood, the majority of my sartorial choices are inspired by cinema. So, let me share with you my one of my favourite vintage travel inspirations.

Marlene Dietrich, as Shanghai Lily in Shanghai Express, is one of the best dressed characters out there. She's stuck on a train but still looking fabulous. Directed by Josef Von Sternberg and costumes by Travis Banton, there is not a lot that could go wrong. 

Starting the journey: you need to travel in style to kick your holiday off to a good start, wear something comfortable that makes you feel fabulous. I think this is the perfect time to dig out those treasures you never get chance to wear at home and really go all out! 

A cotton dress, a cosy coat and some glamorous luggage oh and a hat to hide the fact you got up last minute without time to set your hair-do! 







Whilst Travelling: you're stuck on that train, plane, donkey, so slip into something more relaxing.

Kimonos are my bestest favourite lounge wear, they are elegant and comfortable. Mine has been paired with a slip and then some satin pyjamas to keep that chill off whilst you're slipping to the next cabin, for a moonlight dalliance with that gent you used to know. 






The evening:  The party, the meal, the arrival. This is when you can dust off your glad rags and really splash out, go for glitter, feathers, veils - all at once preferably. It's not like anyone knows you're not a Countess.  









So, be it a weekend visit to see family or across to the other side of the world, ensure that you take your favourite garments, spoil yourself and have fun.

Kisses from Hannah of Leopard and Lipstick xxx


  1. Ahhh, Hannah is just so damn GLAM!!! I love this post, it makes me wanna pack my suitcase and pincurl my hair :)

  2. Great post Hannah! I've always found train travel a little romantic and I love the idea of dressing the part. :)

  3. AWESOME!!!! That last dress is so amazing, like it came out of that movie IRL! Loved this post. Let's go traveling together Hannah. Seriously.

  4. This post is such a delight - so much glamour, beauty, and travel wisdom. Hannah has me yearning to pack my trucks and call the porter right this very moment!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love that last outfit. Such an amazing dress.

  6. Hannah clearly had a great time writing this post,and it's wonderful AND inspirational!

  7. Love the evening gown and the swanky polka dot pajamas! Fab!


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