Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wild West by Aimee {Bright Young Twins}

Today's post is brought to you by the lovely Aimee of Bright Young Twins, one of my very favourite blogs. Aimee has shared some gorgeous photos from her recent trip to Bath - now I feel like I need to break out my copy of Persuasion or similar...  

Hey fabulous, my names Aimee and I write a blog called 'Bright Young Twins' covering clothing, lifestyle and travel with my best friend Harriett. We normally come as a pair so this is a rare singular post just for you! Andi asked me to write this post a little while a go with the theme of travel. You may have heard that a few weeks ago we had the olympics in London which was literally the only thing that anyone talked about. Me and my boyfriend Sam decided to escape the madness for a few days to visit his home towns of Warminster, Bristol and Bath. After visiting Sam's mum and gorgeous little sister in Warminster we visited Bristol and Bath all in a day.

A building in Bristol that Sam would quite like to own. Dream on kitten!

We headed to Bath after Sam found some records. I think I need a better guide to Bristol as I didn't really see anything I liked. That said, I hear Bristol is better at night.

As soon as we arrived in Bath I fell in love. For those who don't know, Bath was the pinnacle of the Georgian/Regency period's social scene. Every part of Bath has been carefully curated to keep with the town's vibrant history.

I'm wearing
1960s dress from Beyond Retro
1940s silk flowers
Socks from primark
Bangles from Anna Bo
Shoes from office

I visited 'Vintage to Vouge' a fabulous vintage shop in Bath, so beautiful. Very expensive so nothing came home with me I'm afraid!

A gorgeous stationary shop.

Bath is littered with social history.

The Pump room.

 After being shown round Bath I met up with my friend Alicia (it got too dark to take photos) and we swanned off to Bath Thermae spa whilst Sam hung out with some old friends. We had a gorgeous time at the spa and swam around on a rooftop pool where you can see the whole of Bath. We joined Sam in the evening at friends party.

In the morning the trip was ended with a visit to the Royal Crescent, a famous piece of Georgian architecture built between 1767 and 1774. The crescent is so beautiful and I have to say I really did feel the urge to don a bonnet and get all 'Mr Darcy' in my boy's grill. 

I had a fabulous time and was am so happy to now be connected to such a fabulous place. I can't wait to return! 

See you soon kittens! Aimee xxx


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