Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm a little pumpkin

Halloween still isn't the biggest thing in Australia, I guess, but I love the idea and most of my friends love it, too, and tend to get into the spirit one way or another! And I'm determined that I will be dressing up for Halloween every year from now on.

I got the idea of dressing as a pumpkin from Mary Van Note (by no means the first person to ever dress as a pumpkin but she was the one to inspire me!) and decided it would be perfect for the Swing Sesh Halloween Ball.

Costume details: stem fascinator - made by me; dress - made by mum; belt - Valley Girl; stockings - unknown; shoes - Rubi Shoes; shoe clips - made by me.

I initially wanted to do a jack-o-lantern face on the dress but just couldn't find a placement I liked so I just made a little inverse jack-o-lantern out of felt instead. I decided against face paint like Mary did because I can't stand the feeling of too much paint on my face.


I got the pom-pon jack-o-lantern pack from a craft store and decided I'd make them into shoe clips.

Not pumpkin, but still Halloween, themed - bat earrings that I got from a friend's mum years ago.


In my usual style I forgot to take many pictures at the ball but here are a couple of shots from the jack and jill competition (pictured above and below) - my favourite part of these types of dances is seeing strange pairings of characters dancing together!


And I did get this great photo of my friend, Abi, dressed as Sugar Kane from Some Like it Hot. Oh and if anyone in Adelaide wants to learn how to sew check out Abi's sewing workshop, Seams Nostalgic. All the info is on the facebook page so do take a look!

Luna Eclipse's Monster Mash fan dance was a lot of fun! (And the only other decent shot I got all night. Oops. I'm still working up to taking photos of people I know more often, let alone the people I don't know as well! But I'll get there.)

A pumpkin and a Marilyn!

Who else has been celebrating and/or dressing up for Halloween? I feel like I've been missing out on a lot of great costumes getting distracted by my own!

Andi B. Goode


  1. You look great, lovely outfit! Your friend looks amazing too.

  2. Sooooo cute! I love the shoes....adorable! :)

  3. looks so fun :-) I adore the shoes

  4. It's so weird to me still to hear about places that don't celebrat Halloween, but I'm glad people are getting more into! I love your costume, not too over the top, and very cute! I already went to my Halloween parties as robin and my boyfriend went as joker.

  5. You look adorable as a pumpkin, the stem is fabulous! I love Halloween so much, so this post pleases me greatly aha xxx

  6. I LOVE your outfit! It's so perfect. I love how it's a costume but it's still super stylish and so you!

  7. Rad outfit Andi, those shoe clips are genius, I went as a Victorian doll this year- big twiggy bottom lashes ,Cupid bow lips, little owls in my hair and a Victorian nightie. yeah its a shame that people don't partake of this silly creative event more, in qld aus there was just slutty fairy, witches,cops etc or peeps not dressing up at all :(

  8. That's too adorable. Good job finding a costume that you can dance in and reuse!

  9. i am so in love with this costume!!!! seriously. you are so precious. <3

  10. And what a tremendously cute, festively stylish little pumpkin you are. I adore every last creative, delightful detail of this costume, Andi, and am giving serious thought to being a pumpkin myself in the future now, too (thank you for the awesome inspiration).

    Happiest Halloween wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. You look *adorable*! Your mum is very talented--the dress and fascinator are just perfect.

  12. You are the most adorable pumpkin I have ever seen!

    I've been loving seeing all the Halloween celebrations over in the US.

  13. What a wonderfully cute costume! So creative, I love it!

  14. THAT is a fabulous frock!
    I don't suppose you'd share what the pattern was your Mum used?

  15. Such a lovely little costume! Perfect for the occasion and event, really.

  16. Prettiest Pumpkin ever!! Great shots!!!!! Love it all.


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