Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunny day record shopping

Yesterday I was going to take a break and go to the cinema but I decided, as it was a gorgeous day, to do a spot of record shopping instead. Now my feet are wishing I'd gone and sat in the cinema - the shoes I wore are super cute but no longer good for much walking it seems, as evidenced by the blisters on my feet.


Scarf - op-shop; glasses - op-shop; sweater clips - etsy; dress - op-shop; bangles - various; belt - gift; shoes - etsy.

Mum snapped this when I was hiding from a car driving past (I hate getting caught taking outfit photos) and you can see how long my hair has got (and how I haven't been styling it at all, lately.)


I liked this lady's dress and her loafers.

One of my favourite buildings - it's on the opposite corner from the other one pictured and I like the contrast between them. Adelaide is kind of...higgledy-piggledy when it comes to architecture style.

I got some photos done in the photobooth. I love photobooths but I might need to practice some poses or every single strip I take will look the same. Then again, some of my favourite photobooth photos are very samey.

Adam Ant finds - 2 Adam Ant 45s (Goody Two Shoes is one of my all-time favourite songs) and an Adam & the Ants LP!

And my bargain bin finds! Robert Palmer, Jim Reeves, Gloria Gaynor, Cilla Black and Donna Summer. Most of my favourite records are from bargain bins - I clearly have discerning taste in music. Ha.

Who else enjoys record shopping? I'm starting to run out of room for my collection...time to cull to just the essentials? Or just find more room, maybe. Ha.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Love your outfit and I love your hair

  2. This past spring Tony came me a wonderful vintage inspired (it's designed to look like a 30s/40s piece) radio+record player and thus I was finally able to begin a record collection (big yay!). So far I've only been shopping for them at yard sales and the like, but I don't mind in the least, as there are often great deals to be had on old vinyl there. In fact, I haven't paid more than $0.50 for a vintage record yet, if I recall correctly.

    You look adorable, Andi. So fun that as the last vestiges of our summer are wrapping up, you're just launching into yours and that means lots of pretty summer looks to enjoy while we brace ourselves for snow (it's on the forecast for tomorrow - though I'm really hoping it holds off until after Halloween at least).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Bethany - thank-you! :D I'm really enjoying just letting it be, actually.
    Anthea - aw, thank-you! :D
    Jessica - Oh, that's wonderful! That's really great - I've definitely paid more for some but never loads of $$$. And thank-you! :D

  4. your hair is so long, wow! I love the dress!

  5. really great look!kisses from Italy

  6. Record shopping is one of my biggest pleasures. There's nothing like sifting through a big pile of vinyl and catching sight of one of your favourite bands' sleeves. I'm biased but absolutely make more room. You'll be glad you did.

  7. Riikka - no YOU are <3 (hehe, thank-you :D)
    Franca - I know! It's getting unmanageable though haha and thank-you! :D
    DaBi Vintage - thanks!
    G.M. Norton - oh, I was joking. I never get rid of anything! Haha :)

  8. you've got amazing style!!
    love finding adelaide fashion bloggers.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  9. Awesome pics! I love the dress:)



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