Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Vintage Suitcases

I had this post set up for when I was meant to be away and it's been sitting in my drafts since my plans changed. As I'm off on a short trip over the weekend and part of next week, I decided to publish this post and hopefully I'll have a lot more to post about when I get back!

I love vintage suitcases. There is something inherently charming about them, I think. Wondering who owned it before and where they went with it. Looking at the dents and scratches and so on. Solanah's guest post inspired me to post my own (much smaller) 'collection'.

These are my two vintage suitcases, one of which I was given as a gift, the other I happened upon in an op-shop whilst looking for books.

The first one was found in an op-shop - as I said, I went in looking for books and nearly didn't look around the whole shop. Luckily, I did and I found this lovely little thing sitting on the floor and promptly picked it up to buy. I'm currently using it to store some of my Barbie collection - it's the perfect size for all my childhood dolls.





I love the little witch silhouette on this one.

The bigger suitcase below was given to me as a gift from my dad's partner - she'd had it since she was using it in the 1950s. (The photos were also taken on my newest camera before I'd read the manual so I didn't yet know how to control all the settings properly.) This one is home to most of my coats.


I honestly can't imagine travelling with this, except maybe on a road trip, because it's so heavy. But gorgeous.




Who else loves and/or collects vintage suitcases? (Not sure I'd exactly call myself a collector, yet - I'll wait until I have a third or maybe a fourth.)

Andi B. Goode


  1. What lovely vintage suitcases! I have a vintage train case, but at the moment, no full sized suitcases. I had one that I picked up at Value Village as a teenager many years that I used until it was quite literally falling apart (for a time I didn't have a dresser where I lived and used it like my dresser/closet for several months). I had to part with it when I moved overseas, but will always fondly remember how good that soft blue vintage suitcase was to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love them, we have a beaten up old one that the cat sleeps in, it's far too past it's best but the cat doesn't seem to mind :-)

  3. What awesome cases Andi. I LOVE vintage suitcases. I have 2. One was my great Non''s a small black one lined in lavender fabric with her initials on the lid. The other is a large brown one that was my great Pa's. I always keep an eye out for more to add to these two, but I've never found any yet that have really caught my eye. The ones you have are gorgeous :)

  4. Those are gorgeous suitcases. I've found two trail cases that I really like but no full size suitcases.

  5. Those are wonderful--I especially love the floral lining on your "doll" case! I collect suitcases, but unintentionally. You can't go to an estate sale or church sale around here without seeing lots of great vintage suitcases. Andy's bedside table is a stack of suitcases, and we also have made a little table in our living room out of them. Lucy's dog dishes sit on a really cool checked suitcase. My personal luggage is 1960s hot pink Samsonite. But my favorite suitcases are a kid-size pair of brown fiberglass (I think that's what they are made of) ones I used as a child when I went on sleepovers to my grandparents. I used to use them as props for Etsy photos, and always got requests to sell them!

    Yeah, I guess I collect suitcases. :D

  6. I am a lover of vintage luggage as well. I favor the 1950s/60s American Tourister Tiara style and have almost a full set in Tan with a Sage Green interior. I was lucky enough to find a four piece set on Craigslist and purchased it from the original owner. A lovely 87 year old woman who purchased them back in the 50s for her honeymoon. Still in perfect condition along with all the pocket inserts and "bell hop" keys.

    I love it! Something so romantic about carrying vintage luggage :)

  7. Lucky girl Staci! They sound gorgeous, and to get it from the original owner makes it even more special :)

  8. When you're next travelling on the Pullman, use the services of their helpful porters. Your heavy suitcase deserves the outing. A trunk is definitely on my 'to acquire' list. It's just a shame the list is so darn long!

  9. Oh my gosh!! Those are absolutely marvelous!! And so very different from most of the vintage suitcases we have here in America.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  10. I love vintage suitcases! I have a little yellow one (which originally belonged to my brother and he took on his first day of school… but I've sine acquired… don't tell him!) and a larger case which belonged to my grandparents.

    I always keep an eye out for them while op shopping but they're so hard to find, in good condition and not crazily priced. There's one op shop near me that has quite a great collection of them but unfortunately they're "display only" which hurts me everytime I go there! ;)

  11. Such pretty cases, wish space and weight wasn't such an issue when travelling though! xx

  12. I can't say I'm a collector but I absolutely LOVE them - my sister has many full of similar things like coats and scarves and bags. I love the inside of the first one :)

  13. Oh so beautiful - lucky you! I have two small white suitcases - and I LOVE them!

  14. I'm always looking for vintage cases and trunks. I love placing my hands on them and imaging where they have been and who my have owned them. I'm collecting them for our boutique for display purposes and also to hold vintage items for sale. I love your cases and the attention to detail. All we need to do now is bring back the steam train and the classic ocean liner!

  15. The inside of that first one is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

    I absolutely adore vintage suitcases! I have at least 8 in my posession....they are generally very heavy but they make such great storage!


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