Wednesday, October 3, 2012

While I was away via Instagram

I did think that my first Instagram roundup would be my last but I realised it's a good way to show a few things I got up to in my blogging break without having to wrack my brain trying to think of what I was up to. So, here we go! On my blogging break...

I wore clothes...

Vintage dress from etsy with a mint cardigan, mint tights and milkmaid braids.

Vintage cardigan with a peach blouse and leopard pants and my post-braid 'mermaid' hair.

Another mix of vintage and new.

Vintage pants from etsy, vintage top from Red Ruby Vintage. Belt was a gift.

I expanded my record collection a little...

The records I want are almost always in the bargain bins! I was especially excited to find the Nina & Frederik records as it was through a random record purchase that I discovered their music (and I've posted about their music before).

These weren't in the bargain bin, though. The Prince Charming 45 goes well with my Ant Rap 45. And I was pretty excited to find the Bram Tchaikovsky EP. I discovered Bram Tchaikovsky when I was trying to find music similar to Wreckless Eric and The Only Ones (through and fell in love.

All the records were purchased at Porthole records at Port Adelaide.

I expanded my doll collection quite a lot...

I finally splurged on one of the Let's Play Barbie sets I blogged about a while ago.

I started a new collection of Tammy (& friends/family) dolls! I'm going to do a post all about her soon.

The dolls on the left are clones (knock-offs) of Tammy. And how great are the illustrations on the boxes?

The doll on the left is named Havoc - she was a Super Agent! And is made from the same mould as the Mary Quant Daisy Doll. The cases on the right are from the 1970s.

I went out...

Taken at Port Adelaide. (I just noticed the photos don't line up. Oops.)

Ate some great food at Arriba Grill at Prospect.

Taken at What a Treat Cafe and Recycled Wears where one of my lovely friends works.

Pretty things arrived...


And there were some things I didn't buy...

The lamp was gorgeous but way out of my price range. And I didn't buy any cats as I need to make more room for them before I buy any more. Oops.

And, once again, you can follow me on Instagram by searching for 'andibgoode' if you wish to do so.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Hi Andi! I'm relatively new to reading your blog but I just wanted to say hi and I love your outfits! And having had barbies when I was little I love seeing you collection posts! Did you ever have the pregnant Barbie? A friend of mine did when we were kids and I can remember thinking it was absurd because it had a big plastic bump that clicked opened like a Polly Pocket house and you could pull a baby out of it!

    also the braids in the 1st pics really suit you!

    Lucy :)

  2. Terrific roundup of snaps, it's so fun to recap a few weeks like this. Your milkmaid braids are so, so immensely sweet. Both them and your pigtail braids have the most charming Heidi vibe to them.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love the milkmaid braids! And that collection of CATS. (the little sign makes me laugh.) And so happy to see more albums added to your collection! Those Nina and Frederik covers are the best. Well, next to Adam Ant, of course. Rawr.

  4. got my first vintage barbie (sadly just a repro) on a flea market. lolve her so much that she is the new face of my blog's header....
    thanks for sharing this inspiring collection of pictures.

  5. I didn't even realise you were on Instagram - INSTANT FOLLOW. I am @lepetitelapin x

  6. Love the braids! <3 I can't wait untill I can do something similar with my hair.


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