Monday, November 26, 2012

New hair and an outfit

The other night I went to see In the Next Room with a good friend, put on by the SA State Theatre Company. Unfortunately I couldn't see it in time for a proper review to be worthwhile (ie drawing in more audience) but I was kindly still invited to go along and I had a blast. It was incredibly funny, well acted and I enjoyed the costumes a lot, too.

Oh and I've had a haircut. (Which the incredibly unimaginative subject would have given away somewhat.)


Hair flowers | home made
Vintage necklace | etsy
Dress | made by mum
Belt | gift



I was only slightly apprehensive about my haircut. My friend Sonya wrote a well-timed piece about having short hair (and indentifiying as a fat woman) and the complicated relationships we often have with our hair and how it ties in to our identities and ideas of femininity a lot. These things weren't necessarily in my own thought process (I was mainly thinking 'no more hair scarf making me sweat in summer! No more long hairs everywhere! No more getting stuck in doors and seat belts and everything!') but it's still an interesting (& short) read.

I'll admit, there was a very small part of me that was wondering if I'd be happy with short hair: 1. after having long hair for so long 2. because I'm a couple(ish) sizes bigger than the last time it was this length as my body has changed, as they do (though I'll add that I'm happy and comfortable with my body about...99% of the time, I'd say). I am glad I took the risk because I love my new haircut. It's so easy to style (I barely have to do anything) and it feels so much lighter. Plus I felt a bit like Phryne Fisher (not to mention joining the multitude of bobbed-hair babes out there including some good friends of mine)!

Not the best angle to take photos from (seeing up my nose and what-not) but I like this shot.

Sometimes it's just fun to take photos of your shadow, don't you think?

And sometimes I like to turn my photos into black and white to see how different they look.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Lovely! This new style suits you perfectly. It's always so hard to make a decision about hair, cut or color!!!

  2. I love this hairstyle on you. Very Miss Fisher. I totally agree with the relationship with hair when you are larger. I was actually just reading about the same thing on the "Hems for Her" blog the other day. While I love the cropped look, given my super frizzy hair I just can't pull off the look with straightening my hair within an inch of it's life. I will just have to settle for having hair envy.

  3. I really love your new haircut Andi! It really suits you :)
    Bet it feels great....nothing better than getting a good amount cut off. It always feels so much healthier :)

  4. I really liked the article you linked to. Funny enough when I cut my hair I only started doubting myself when I saw how other people reacted - like I was losing my feminimity or youth or something. The older they were, the worse the reactions! I still have days where I see a long haired amazon in ads and have a tinge of regret, but then I remember I can be up and ready to go in 5 minutes flat, still look stylish in gale force winds, and stand out. I love your new look!

  5. I love love love this haircut on you! And that dress is so lovely too. :)

  6. LOVE that short bob. I am a bob person, through and through. Easy to keep smart and care for, comfy and classic.

  7. I love it! As someone who has experienced short hair I think they look fab..bob, pixie, whatever..on round faces! You look amazing :-)

  8. The new hair looks *great* Andi! I love it, especially the bangs. I'd guess I'd had short hair (anywhere from a shaved head to bob length) for 80% of my life. It just always feels most comfortable to me and on me.

    I love the angle of the close up photo, particularly the black and white one, and how you have that little leafy bit of foliage peeking out behind your shoulder.

  9. wow andi i love it!! you look great! we're in the bobbed babes club now.

  10. Adore!!! Completely, totally adore your new hair. It's so flattering, fresh and gorgeous. You look amazing, dear Andi!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Love it! I miss my banged bob...

  12. Your new hair looks fabulous!!! Very Colleen Moore!
    I hated the first bob I got about a year and a half ago, but it's really grown on me (no pun intended ;) and now it's my go-to length. So easy, and so fun!!

  13. Your hair looks fantastic and it really suits you x

  14. I love your new do! It's always scary to go for the chop, I've had many of uh oh moments but luckily it always grows out again (eventually). I love your whole outfit, what a stunning belt.

  15. The bob is exquisite on you, my all time favourite style! xxx

  16. I've just had a haircut, and was regretting it a bit until I read your post and remembered all the annoying things about yards and yards of hair. Love the dress too. x

  17. I think you look adorable with your new haircut!

  18. Love the new hair! It looks awesome.

  19. You look adorable and chic! I loved my hair when it was cut like that. A classic bob is always a must-try for a vintage girl!

  20. What a cool dress! I love that it's handmade.
    Your new hair looks great!


  21. Love it! Great haircut and perfect for summer! xox

  22. I think the new cut looks exceedingly chic on you! As someone who spent many years with much shorter styles than you have now, I frankly love long or short hair on any shape or size woman. For me it's height... I think once my own gets to about armpit level it starts to weigh me down, though I never think that about other women my (short) height. This looks great on you, and isn't a total new style so much fun sometimes? :)

  23. i remember you from the old photos ;)
    i love the hair.

  24. Love the doo! I keep thinking about chopping all mine off!, still deciding

  25. As soon as I saw this photo I thought Phryne!You look great babe.

    I think its really interesting about hair-length, femininity and fattness. In the queer community most women have short hair, no matter what size. (hello Fierce Fat Femmes!).

    When you grow your hair you get the opposite reaction that hetero women get - are you out to attract a man?!
    But its stange, cos I notice my size more with longer hair - I felt 'thinner' when I had short hair. Bizarre.


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