Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh what a night!

Last night I went to see Jersey Boys with my mum (hence the not particularly original title). It was amazing. I don't think anything makes me as happy as musical theatre does! Plus I've been wanting to see Jersey Boys for some years, now, which made it even better. I'm a bit of a dork so a few tears were shed.

And here is what I wore...

I look so very stern in my sequins and candy pink skirt! Ha. Mr Frog is just as stern, I think.

Cardigan | gift
Brooch | don't remember
Necklace | Diva
1960s top | Vintage Carousel
Belt | gift
Skirt | Harris Scarfe
Bracelet | gift
Vintage purse | garage sale
Vintage stockings | don't remember
Shoes | same ol' KMart shoes


Have some extreme lens flare! I took this photo by accident, aiming the lens a little too high.

Me with my gnome friends. Ha.


I'm not sure if mum was happy about me sharing photos of her but I figured one of the back of her neat jacket was safe! 

Andi B. Goode


  1. Gorgeous outfit, and hair!!!!! I love that sequin top, I don't normally like sequins on modern things but the 60s really knew how to do sequins tastefully!
    Glad to hear that you loved Jersey Boys, I have family who went and said it was amazing :D

  2. Wow, your hair looks amazing! Glad you had such a great time! xox

  3. You look beautiful! I didn't even realise it was seperate skirt and top until I read your description. :)

    Love your mum's jacket too.

  4. Gorgeous outfit and photos! Sparkling peachy-pink sequins is so enchantingly lovely - it's almost like something one might imagine a mermaid's tail being made from (I mean that in only the best of ways). You look stunning, dear Andi!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh the dress is so pretty and your hair look divine. The jacket your Mum is wearing is gorgeous, reminds me of Schiparelli x

  6. Love the way you did your hair! I might see Jersey Boys when it comes back to Melbourne - loved it so much the first time!

  7. Wow you look so beautiful, that sequin dress is absolutely divine! You hair and make-up looks fab too, perfectly matches the dress. Glad you had a good time at the Jersey Boys, sounds really good, may have to take a trip to see it myself,
    Love Lil x

  8. Super outfit. I adore stern frog man too!

  9. lovely photos andi! especially into the sunflare and the sunset light on the sequins, gorgeous. and your mum's jacket is gorgeous, hannah is right it does have a schiaparelli flare to it.

  10. You look gorgeous! I particularly love your hair and that stunning top! I'm glad you enjoyed Jersey Boys so much. It played here in Brisbane for a while but I missed it.

  11. you look soo gorgeous! I love your hair and dress and everything in general about you

  12. Oooooh I love it! All of the pretty pink. Pink & black is definitely a favorite color combo. Especially when sequins are involved.


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