Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pink gingham with red

Firstly, thank-you to everyone who left a lovely comment on my last post! I'm still enjoying my new hair immensely. And, now, another outfit!

Every summer I feel like I've forgot how to dress for the warmer weather, yet my summer outfits almost always end up being amongst my favourites. Isn't that strange? Anyway, I was happy to find that this dress my mother made for me a few years ago (one of the first she made for me) still fits...well just. It's slightly more, er, sassy than it used to be. Ha. I wore it to go to my friend's workshop to teach her to play ukulele so I knew I'd be somewhere I felt at ease, just in case I ended up feeling a bit uncomfortable with the neckline.


Glasses | Dangerfield
Hot dog earrings | made by me
Dress | made by mum
Belt | gift*

My beautiful girl, Sugar Kane, made the trip to the city with me. It's

So many people just hate red and pink together but it's one of my favourite colour combinations of all time.

I picked this brooch up at a craft fair held where I used to study quite a few years ago now. Unfortunately I don't remember who made it.


Also, I'm slowly working on a new layout (as much as I still love this one) so that I will finally be able to reply to all of your comments! But this time of year is hectic so who knows when I will get around to installing it? Eek. 

Andi B. Goode

*I've only just realised that many bloggers use the term 'gifted' in outfits for items that were given to them by companies, etc., but if you see the term 'gift' here it means that someone I actually know (a friend or family member) gave the item to me as a present. I'm not sure if anyone would have confused that but just in case! I like to be as clear as I can.


  1. I'm with you, I love pink and red together! Very cute outfit. Those sunglasses are amazing! It's fun seeing your summery outfits as it gets cold here.

    (And I use the term 'gifted' in the same way as you, that's what I assume unless I hear otherwise.)

  2. Ooooo I love your hair cut and those sunglasses! Meow!

  3. Your haircut is making me want a fringe again! But I know I'll just pin it up all the time anyway haha.

    And I have to ask, what make is your ukulele? The wood grain on the body is really lovely!

  4. Love this look. I have to admit I had never even thought of pairing pink/red together. Looks great though. Love those sunnies!

  5. I love red and pink together and pink gingham is an all time fav so don't get me started :o)

  6. You look adorably sassy Andi!
    I love pink and red together. :)

  7. That's how I'm feeling (a bit) about winter this year. The spring/summer/mild autumn side of my wardrobe now dwarf the winter side and part of me is struggling to jump back onto the super cold fashion band wagon. Oh well, the freezing cold temps will get here in Canada this time of the year (well, not today, it's strangely warm here at the moment - +10C) dictate I do, whether I'm feeling it or not. ;)

    Love this cheerful, lovely colour combination. My very first 1950s poodle skirt (handmade by my mom) when I was a wee little girl was pink and white gingham, and I've had a soft spot for it in my vintage loving heart ever since.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Andi, I love pink and red, and they look great on you. That "a" brooch is so reminds me of magnetic letters I had to play with as a child. (Also appreciate the "gift" distinction. I like to know whether an outfit has been "sponsored" or not!)

  9. you look like a candy! so cute.

  10. I love love LOVE this dress!!! I want to make a matching one and follow you around like a friend with heart shaped eyes would do! Haha. I'm in a funny mood today babe... Just ignore me!! ;-) :-P xoxo

  11. I honestly had no idea that pink and red could go together at all, let alone look this good! This is definitely a colour combination I plan on trying :D
    Also, that 'a' brooch is adorable, it makes me think of those letter magnets they used to sell everywhere back in the 90s.

  12. You are so lucky you have the perfect figure to pull off vintage clothing. Your waist looks teeny tiny!

  13. cool glasses!


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