Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue and pink and blue and pink

Another outfit post! Gasp! I went out for dessert (for the first time ever to Eggless - I'd never had the chance before and everyone I know loves it there) for a friend's birthday and, as I've been pretty obsessed with My Little Pony lately I took inspiration from one for the colours of my outfit...(the dessert was great, by the way - had coconut and banana mousse with chocolate gelato. Yum.)


1970s Dress | Goodwill
Brooch | etsy
Belt | Op-shop
Bangles | various

I thought I'd cleared this part of my room to at least give the illusion of being tidy but I seem to have failed to clear everything out of the frame. Oops. I guess you get to have a little snoop at my books and things if you are interested.

The colours of my outfit were inspired by my favourite (so far) My Little Pony, Bowtie. I really love blue and pink together so I guess that's why she's my favourite? Plus, she has freckles.

To the right of my head is one of my favourite photos of Cecil Beaton's sister, Nancy: Miss Nancy Beaton as a Shooting Star, 1928. I think I bought this postcard from the NGV when they had their art deco exhibition on a few (or more) years ago.

My poor flamingo brooch lost his eye.

Andi B. Goode


  1. This dress is just incredibly cute.
    And so is the flamingo!


    1. Thank-you! I nearly got rid of this dress but my mum hid it thinking I might regret it! Hahaha.

  2. Gorgeous colour combinations, and I love the flamingo! x

  3. I'm loving your My Little Pony inspiration! They always had the best colour combinations.

    Speaking of colours, are your walls Dulux 'Jellybean'? They look like the same colour I painted my bedroom when I was still living at home (and I was devastated when I moved out and my dad painted over it with boring off white).

    1. Thanks :D I agree!
      Oooh, you know - I think it might be! I couldn't really remember but now you've jogged my memory I'm almost certain. Oh no! I'd be devastated, too.

  4. that sounds delicious and your outfit looks so sweet too!

  5. Bowtie was always my favourite too!

  6. Love the pink and blue combo and the cute collar detail of the dress. I recently got two Hell Bunny dresses, the Zombie Unicorn dress and the the one with the Planets and what looks like a rip off of my Little Pony on it. Glad to know I'm not the only one reliving my 'My Little Pony' days ;)

  7. Awww, it's so wonderfully sweet that you took your inspiration for this adorable, cheery outfit from a MLP.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. So cute and so very My Little Pony!

    I love that photograph too. I use to have a postcard of it too but I think it got lost in one of my moves. :(

  9. Have you seen the new my little pony cartoon series? It's pretty cute but I do miss the look they had in my youth. I have very fond memories of earning MLP points with good behaviour that I could use to get more ponies!

  10. Super cute! Love the flamingo too!

  11. Gorgeous, love the colours and OMG a flamingo!

  12. Your brooch is hilarious. Charming and perfect.

  13. this is such a wonderful outfit. I adore the way you put it together and those two colours together are my favourite!


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