Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunny day, sunny clothes

Once again, just another small outfit post. I've been trying to get things organised (mainly my brain) and get used to managing my time better and juggling different things again but it's a slow process. I think I'm getting there, though. It does mean that I've been neglecting the blog (as I keep mentioning) and the blog-world in general. Anyway, enough of starting every post with an excuse! Here is me in some clothes...

photo (34)

Glasses | Diva
'60s top | Op-shop many years ago
Pants | Op-shop

photo (35)
Some awkward shots of my face using the front camera of my iPhone.

photo (38)

These pants were originally from Millers of all places! It does mean that they're super comfy, though. Ha. And I think they look great with the yellow of this top (which is one of those items that keeps going from my 'keeping' to 'getting rid of' piles and back and forth). I found them a couple of weeks ago when I hit up some church op-shops for some decent op-shopping prices for a change.

OK, now I'm going to go read some blogs - something I've been sorely neglecting lately!

Andi B. Goode


  1. Love the color combo! I wish it was summer here D:

  2. Such a cheerful, wonderfully fun colour combo! Those sunnies are fantastic and look wonderful on you (round frames look awful on me, but they rock on you!).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You look like a gorgeous ray of sunshine! xx

  4. These colours are fab together! And you've gotta love a comfy pant!

  5. Those colors look great on you! And look at the pretty blooms and greenery. Everything here is dead, brown, snow covered, or mud. Yuck!

  6. Keep that cute top in the "must keep" pile. Its adorable on you, as is the color. And I'm really loving your new doo! Its very flattering and perfect for the summer weather :)

  7. oh no! don't get rid of that shirt, it suits you too well! and it's a great basic to have lying around. i am so jealous of your weather, the weather here keeps going from winter to spring every other day. looking adorable as always, andi. xo

  8. Blue and yellow is such a fabulous colour combo and I love it on you!

  9. Oh I love this outfit! You look great x

  10. Yellow and blue are one of my fave colour combos, the outfit looks fab!


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