Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Tidy...

One of the tasks that I've been focussing on lately is to get our 'study' tidied up. I've taken some before photos, in the hopes that they would spur me to act more quickly, but I still haven't managed to get where I want it to be, yet. I'm a bit too embarrassed by the 'before' shots so here are just a couple of progress photos...hopefully publishing these will help spur me on.

The hardest part is that I can't afford to buy all the storage things I need, just yet, and buying in bits and pieces means that tidying is slower work. I've been looking for more DIY solutions but not all of them suit my needs (or skills, ha). And, at the moment, it's a lot of researching and making lists so I can utilise the space to its full potential and not have to go reorganise everything again in the future. Well, at least not too soon. So, I'm not really looking for any extra tips, right now*, or I'll get even more overwhelmed as I've got so many ideas already. I just have to start implementing them...


You can see a tiny glimpse of the mess beyond these shelves. We are using them almost as a divider, at the moment, to fence off the tiny tidy part of the room from the rest of the mess.

A shelf!
And my sister put this shelf up for me so I can start organising small bits of my toy collection. Most of my dolls will just be stored but some things, like my ponies and Moon Dreamers seen here, will be on display.

Anyway, this post isn't really in keeping with the usual theme of my blog but it is one of the things that is keeping me away from my usual blogging, at the moment. So I figured - why not post about it? Hopefully I'll have some more progress shots soon.

Andi B. Goode

*But I may ask for some in the future if there are any parts I'm stuck on. Right now I'm figuring out what needs to be organised and what-not before I do too much...if that makes sense.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Murder Mystery Monday #3 {Endeavour}

I am by no means a die-hard Morse fan - I watched the show a fair bit growing up and I adore the spin-off Lewis but I haven't watched Inspector Morse much at all in recent years. Still, I very much enjoyed the TV movie Endeavour, starring Shaun Evans as the young Morse. I had thought that it was intended as a pilot for a series that never eventuated - but it seems I could be wrong? I can't find any more recent information so who knows? Endeavour is enjoyable as a standalone piece, anyway.

Endeavour is set in 1965 as the young Morse returns to Oxford for his first big case about a missing girl - it is the first time he has been to Oxford since he studied there, briefly, but we know how significant Oxford would be for Morse and it was as much a character in the Inspector Morse series as Morse and Lewis et al.

Like many TV shows/movies, now, it's beautifully filmed and, I think, quite atmospheric at times.

Unlike some other shows I will be talking about in these posts, it is less exciting for clothes than it is as just an enjoyable piece of television. It's a bit convoluted and preposterous but that's what I look for in a good murder mystery. And it keeps in line with the Inspector Morse series. Of course it is not completely without lovely outfits.

One of the things that I love about shows like this are the little details to fill out the era and in characters' rooms, etc.

Like these cut-out pictures of The Beatles in the missing girl's room (I actually have the purple/pink background picture still up in my wardrobe from my own Beatles-obsessed years).

And these gorgeous cars.

Did anyone else watch and love this? I've lost count of the number of times I've re-watched it...though the number is possibly so high because of Shaun Evans. If anyone can find out if it there are going to be more episodes aired, for certain, I'd be grateful (I googled a bit but may have missed something).

Andi B. Goode

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Instagram Round-Up Time

I don't really like doing Instagram round-up posts because I feel like it gets repetitive for those who follow me there but I'm trying to get into a regular blogging schedule and was strapped for ideas. Also, this is a queued post so may be missing a few days of Instagram photos...

I think Instagram has made me much more complacent and lazy when it comes to photos, etc. The ease of using my phone because it's always on hand coupled with the relatively immediate responses of social media are two of the reasons.

Anyway, these are some of the things I've been photographing but not blogging about (in between all the not-fun things everyone generally has to do).

Bought a brooch at a vintage shop that's closing down. There was a yard sale on but it wasn't very good and all the clothes were gone.

Started working on a costume for Oz Comic Con next month...I need the right hat for it, though.

Caught up with my lovely friend, Laura, who has a Tumblr blog.

Flipped my hair but couldn't get a good photo of it.

A glimpse of my room - it looks respectable from this shot! Ha.

Bought a vintage nylon nightie and an '80s dress that needs some fixing.

Started slowly sorting the study. Got the bookshelves done, at least.

Had a rare good op-shopping day. 

Found this sweet vintage photo album.

Bought a few vintage plastic toy (but playable) ukes. I love the box for this one.

Gorgeous Barbie wallet arrived.

Bought way too many records, including this one.

Andi B. Goode

Monday, February 18, 2013

Murder Mystery Monday #2 {Jericho}

Set in London, 1958, the short-lived series Jericho stars Robert Lindsay as the titular character. It only ran for one series of four episodes (didn't I say it was short-lived?) as ratings weren't great and, well, it got axed!

Being familiar with Robert Lindsay mostly through My Family, it was very different to see him in this role. Obviously the show didn't do too well but, as I mentioned in my first Murder Mystery Monday I'm not overly fussy and found that I enjoyed this show a lot.

DC John Caldicott, played by Ciarán McMenamin, has just started working with Jericho. His poor girlfriend/fiancée spends a lot of time in restaurants alone as Jericho is a demanding boss. 

Jericho's sergeant's (not pictured) wife and daughter provide some contrast to the costumes of other characters. And they have a really lovely home.

One of my favourite parts of the series is the relationship that begins between Jericho and a woman who lives in the same block of flats, a sexworker named Juliette. She has a lot of beautiful outfits.

A few other shots...

Oh and another favourite part for me is Lee Ross as Louis a fence and Jericho's informant, I guess. Because Lee Ross is always Kenny to me (from Press Gang) so I'm tickled whenever I see him in anything else, even after all these years. Plus his character reminds me a lot of Flash Harry from the St Trinian's films (the original ones). But they are similar kinds of characters and modelled on the same type of people.

Visually, there is a lot of use of the 'dutch angle', high key lighting, shadows and all the usual visual markers we have come to associate with film noir and, aside from the obvious detective connection, it's a very noiry series compared with other British murder mysteries of the 'cosy' variety.

Much like with Miss Fisher there is a story from Jericho's past (this time concerning his father) that is woven throughout the four episodes, tying them together a little.

Also, as with the Miss Fisher post these are all from the first episode. It's too time intensive to do the whole series, even if it is only four episodes. Laurence Fox is in the second episode though so I will have to get some shots of that one, one day.

Does anyone else remember this show? Most people seem to remember the American show with the same name but entirely different premise.

Andi B. Goode

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flowery skirt

So, as I mentioned not too long ago outfit photos have started to feel like a chore, hence the sporadic nature of my outfit posts...but I've also been recycling outfits a lot, lately, and photographing the same thing gets boring. Gosh, I feel like all I ever do is explain why I'm not posting much! Eep. That must get boring to read!

Here's one I recycled but only took photos of on one of the days that I wore it. I'm enjoying wearing brighter and lighter colours, lately. Maybe because it's summer? The colours certainly suit summer, anyway. Even if I'm not enjoying the heat...


I've started incorporating '80s items back into my wardrobe (and not even necessarily 80s does 40s or 50s) because they are somewhat easier to find, usually cheaper and fit me better. A lot of my summer clothes don't fit me, either, hence the recycling of outfits I know fit me comfortably.

I think I bought this skirt for $1 or $2 thinking I may pass it along but most of my clothes, especially the summer ones, don't fit me anymore and it's actually very pretty and comfortable so I decided I had to keep it.

Andi B. Goode

Monday, February 11, 2013

Murder Mystery Monday #1 {Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries}

It's no secret that I love murder mysteries, especially period ones, so I thought I'd try to start a new regular post to feature some of my favourites. I'm not very fussy when it comes to murder mysteries, though, so quality may vary! And I'll probably stick to TV shows for the time being.

Anyway, for my inaugural Murder Mystery Monday, I thought I would post about Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

The show is based on the Phryne Fisher detective novels by Kerry Greenwood. I still haven't read any of the books but if you take a look at my Goodreads 'to read' shelf I think you'll know why! Starring Essie Davis as Phryne, the show is set in Melbourne in the 1920s. Davis is magnificent as Miss Fisher and she is rarely, if ever, let down by her supporting cast, both regulars and guest stars.

Aside from the acting and production, the costumes are all very lovely. The '20s aren't my forte so I couldn't say how accurate the costuming is but I think it works very well and all the costumes are perfectly suited to each character.

I've got a few screenshots to show off some of the clothes - all of these are from the first episode, Cocaine Blues, which aired on the 24th of February last year. It would take me too long to get shots from every episode, unfortunately.

Miss Fisher has plenty of fabulous hats, gorgeous coats and handsome men...

Essie Davis looking beautiful in one of her many lovely hats.

The sets are exquisite, too.

Miss Fisher is always shocking someone (this time it's her aunt on the right).

One of my favourite aspects of the show is the relationship between Miss Fisher and Detective Jack Robinson, pictured left.

Her maid/companion, Dot, is so funny and lovely. And a great contrast to Phyrne's 'wild' ways.

And the show looks great, too.

We get some guest stars, like Miranda Otto in the first episode...

And Miriam Margolyes as her aunt!

I think some people described it as 'hammy' and I suppose there are elements of that but, considering the kinds of movies and TV shows that tend to be my favourites, I may have a different scale by which to judge hamminess. Ha.'s a cosy murder mystery!

Sure, it's not 100% historically accurate (what is? Some people were nitpicking on the ABC forum and, whilst it can be fun to do that sometimes, I understand why things can't be 100% accurate all the time - funding, time constraints, etc.) but it's entertaining and it's just a lot of fun.

It also has great stories each episode and a fairly interesting arc that ties the series together overall as well as being a good showcase of Australian talent, I think. And I was happy to have an Australian murder mystery that I wholeheartedly love!

I know quite a few of my Australian friends loved this show from reactions on twitter, so who else loves this show as much as I do? Wikipedia tells me it is airing in Canada and may be airing in the UK this year.

Now I have to go through my list and pick out another show for next Monday (if enough people enjoy this post)...

Edit on the 23rd of February - I forgot one of the most important parts of a murder mystery show! Them theme!

Andi B. Goode