Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flowery skirt

So, as I mentioned not too long ago outfit photos have started to feel like a chore, hence the sporadic nature of my outfit posts...but I've also been recycling outfits a lot, lately, and photographing the same thing gets boring. Gosh, I feel like all I ever do is explain why I'm not posting much! Eep. That must get boring to read!

Here's one I recycled but only took photos of on one of the days that I wore it. I'm enjoying wearing brighter and lighter colours, lately. Maybe because it's summer? The colours certainly suit summer, anyway. Even if I'm not enjoying the heat...


I've started incorporating '80s items back into my wardrobe (and not even necessarily 80s does 40s or 50s) because they are somewhat easier to find, usually cheaper and fit me better. A lot of my summer clothes don't fit me, either, hence the recycling of outfits I know fit me comfortably.

I think I bought this skirt for $1 or $2 thinking I may pass it along but most of my clothes, especially the summer ones, don't fit me anymore and it's actually very pretty and comfortable so I decided I had to keep it.

Andi B. Goode


  1. That's a great outfit. I love 80s stuff worn this way :)

  2. I love the skirt... the whole outfit looks really pretty. Especially on you!!! ;) xoxo

  3. This is such a pretty outfit, summer is definitely the time for light and bright things

  4. That skirt is awesome! I'm really digging big floral prints at the moment.

    And I totally feel you on clothes not fitting anymore. So much of my wardrobe is completely useless at the moment. Thank goodness for elastic waisted skirts is all I can say!

  5. lovely skirt! nothing wrong with a bit of 80s!

  6. Aw that's a REALLY cute outfit! I love it :) You look wonderful. Sorry for the lack of twittering as of late. Badly needing to get off my internet world a bit.

  7. That skirt is so sweetly cheerful and pretty! It's summer to a tee, and I'm really glad you decided to hold onto it and share it with us. I'd never get tired of seeing this skirt, no matter how many times you posted about it.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. There's definitely nothing wrong with a bit of 80s especially when you're using it to show your own style, which you are! I love the skirt and I'm loving brighter colours at the moment too. :)

  9. Adorable ensemble, cannot go wrong with 80s skirts they are always so cheap and usually have good prints! x

  10. I have been hitting up some '80s wear recently too - so easy to just throw it in the washing machine and not worry about it! You look lovely :)

  11. You look cute, as usual! I always enjoy seeing your outfits, they never bore me :) And I LOVE your sunglasses. So mod!


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