Monday, February 18, 2013

Murder Mystery Monday #2 {Jericho}

Set in London, 1958, the short-lived series Jericho stars Robert Lindsay as the titular character. It only ran for one series of four episodes (didn't I say it was short-lived?) as ratings weren't great and, well, it got axed!

Being familiar with Robert Lindsay mostly through My Family, it was very different to see him in this role. Obviously the show didn't do too well but, as I mentioned in my first Murder Mystery Monday I'm not overly fussy and found that I enjoyed this show a lot.

DC John Caldicott, played by Ciarán McMenamin, has just started working with Jericho. His poor girlfriend/fiancée spends a lot of time in restaurants alone as Jericho is a demanding boss. 

Jericho's sergeant's (not pictured) wife and daughter provide some contrast to the costumes of other characters. And they have a really lovely home.

One of my favourite parts of the series is the relationship that begins between Jericho and a woman who lives in the same block of flats, a sexworker named Juliette. She has a lot of beautiful outfits.

A few other shots...

Oh and another favourite part for me is Lee Ross as Louis a fence and Jericho's informant, I guess. Because Lee Ross is always Kenny to me (from Press Gang) so I'm tickled whenever I see him in anything else, even after all these years. Plus his character reminds me a lot of Flash Harry from the St Trinian's films (the original ones). But they are similar kinds of characters and modelled on the same type of people.

Visually, there is a lot of use of the 'dutch angle', high key lighting, shadows and all the usual visual markers we have come to associate with film noir and, aside from the obvious detective connection, it's a very noiry series compared with other British murder mysteries of the 'cosy' variety.

Much like with Miss Fisher there is a story from Jericho's past (this time concerning his father) that is woven throughout the four episodes, tying them together a little.

Also, as with the Miss Fisher post these are all from the first episode. It's too time intensive to do the whole series, even if it is only four episodes. Laurence Fox is in the second episode though so I will have to get some shots of that one, one day.

Does anyone else remember this show? Most people seem to remember the American show with the same name but entirely different premise.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I recall the US show with the same name, as you mentioned, but don't believe I've heard of this one. Shame it was so very short-lived. I'd absolutely love a murder mystery series set in the 50s to look forward to watching whole seasons of.

    This is such a cool (post) series, Andi, I'm really enjoying it!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I remember they showed this on the ABC and I loved it. I got really annoyed trying to find information about it because it was around the time that the American show of the same name was released. It's disappointing that it was so short lived.

    1. I'm just glad someone else remembers this show! Yeah, it's still pretty hard to find info. And it's not available on DVD in Australia, either :(

  3. Was it good, though? I've never heard of it but it looks really nice, visually.

  4. It was on in the UK when I was at university. I remember it mainly because of Robert Lindsay (a great classic stage actor often overlooked by many because of My Family & Citizen Smith). I thought the series had a lot of potential but was never really allowed to develop. I think that it might have got lost amongst all the other period dramas ITV were producing at the time (Foyle's War, Poirot, Agatha Christie's Marple etc); or perhaps it was just not what the viewers were after at the time.


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