Friday, April 12, 2013

Peach and pineapple (accessorised by Style Me Betty)

Another outfit! It looks like it may just be outfit posts for the foreseeable future so hopefully they don't get dull...

Ha. So I've just realised I'm flanked by posters of Guns 'n' Roses and Rosie the Riveter. Hmmm.

The lovely jewellery that I'm wearing in this post was sent to me by Style Me Betty, an online vintage shop run out of Denmark. The whole experience was incredibly lovely. The shop can be read in English or Danish and is set out in a way that is very easy to navigate, which is a huge plus (and should be a given but I've been to so many counterintuitive sites that something easy like this is a relief). 

I chose the two pieces of jewellery (and I've just noticed some incredibly gorgeous new stock in that section for the accessory inclined) which were sent out promptly and packaged safely. And here are some photos that show them off better...

OK, no one really needs to get this close to my ear but look at my earring! So so adorable.

Here's a less uncomfortable photo of the both of them together.

My Twin Peaks brooch snuck in to the shot...I've had this brooch for five or six months but I don't think it's made it to the blog, yet?! It's a favourite, so that's kind of surprising. But the focus of this photo was meant to be the necklace...

So I took this photo to hopefully show it off better (and ignore my terrible nail polish job haha). Isn't this a great necklace? An instagram follower informed me that one of the charms is ackee and another is meant to be a cocoa bean, which I am embarrassed to admit I didn't realise.

As I said, my gorgeous earrings and necklace came to me thanks to Style Me Betty. I appreciated the strawberry and flowers to decorate the business postcard, too. Little touches like that make me smile. The pricing is quite reasonable, as well, I should mention! (At least, in my opinion).

Just realised the shipping page has info for Denmark and the EU so I've sent off an email for more information should anyone want it - watch this space! 

Edit: shipping outside the EU is available upon request.

Andi B. Goode 

PS if you've not seen some of your comments show up it's because some went to spam. Sigh. Thanks, blogger! They should be published now, though.


  1. Those are cute. But I love your Twin Peaks brooch!

  2. You look great! I love vintage, and I also love stylemebetty! I am a new follower from Sicily.

  3. Cute jewellery and I'm loving your hair Andi!

  4. Very, very charming accessories all around. I've had one of those great Twin Peaks brooches on my wish list for months now.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love the jewelry! You look great with that hairstyle :)


  6. Everything about this post is fantastic! Especially love the necklace.


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