Monday, April 15, 2013

Pink, gold, hearts

On Friday night I went to Fork on the Road for dinner with a friend. I was pretty excited because I kept seeing people at the event via various social media (or at the food trucks when they are at other places during the month) but I missed the first few myself. I'd have been excited, anyway, because of the possibility of yummy food! (And it was definitely yummy though there were so many choices it was hard to make a decision).

It also gave me the opportunity to wear my new favourite dress, which I wrote about buying back in this post.


I haven't felt this good about an outfit in so long. I love pink. And I love hearts. And I love pink and gold together! I also love my hair shorter like this. Just a lot of love, basically.

As I mentioned before, I'd intended to swap the pearl buttons that were originally on the dress for some others - I settled for these cute white hearts.

I used to feel like I had to weigh pink down with a black cardigan or black accessories but, while I still love pink and black together, it's fun to just let pink be and speak for itself, I think.

This is kind of an awkward photo but I wanted to show off my newest pair of sunglasses up close(r).

Obligatory shoe shot!

Oh, and I finally got to try some of the delicious homemade soft drinks from The Little Van That Could. Who doesn't love an adorable vintage caravan? Even better when it's used to sell delicious things, no?

Cute bunting, too.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'm not sure anyone really misses the Murder Mystery Mondays, but I'm a bit busy with studying so, if I get to it this week, it may end up being a Murder Mystery Wednesday or Friday. Eep.


  1. The new buttons are really nice with that dress, and I think the hot pink looks great with the gold accessories too.

  2. This outfit is just made of FUN! So lovely! <3

  3. This outfit looks sooo great!

  4. I agree with Riikka. So so precious!!


  5. you look AMAZING! i honestly love every single little part of this look. perfection, my dear!

  6. Lovely outfit!! So bubblegum and cheery! I've always shied away from pink as I don't want to look like a little girl, but I LOVE how you managed to marry kitschy-cute with old-school glamour here.

  7. I adore pink and you look flipping adorable, you have inspired me to purchase some new sunglasses, no way near as cool as yours mind. Your hair looks gorgeous that length xxx

  8. Super CUTE outfit Andi! Perfect for eating yummy food from little vintage caravans. :)

  9. So very sweet, fun and super cute! Love the combo of bright, cheerful pink and chic gold. I shall definitely have to take a style cue from you there as we head into the warmer months, dear Andi.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. You look happy in that outfit :) I usually don't wear much pink, but I would wear that dress too. Those sunglasses are fab--where did you get them?


  11. Love that dress! The little pleats are perfection.

  12. Everything about this outfit is kinda perfect. Love it. Vintage caravans stocked with yummy things are the best kind of caravans!

  13. Those sunglasses are worth showing off! Love the pink and all the hearts!!



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