Monday, April 29, 2013

Polka dots and mint

I think I have mentioned that I've gone back to university (again) this year...right? Well, I have! For anyone who is interested I'm attempting an MA of Art History. I'm still sorting out my thesis argument and to do that I need to read. A lot. So, on Friday I went into the city to get some more books and take myself on a dumpling date. And this is what I wore...

This unamused look on my face says 'I wish my neighbours would just be quiet for once!'

I love this dress but I think it's only made it onto my blog once before!

I also did a spot of shopping on my way to the library. The dress on the right will be going up in my etsy shop when I eventually get around to restocking it. Which probably won't be until I've finished my dissertation in November...but it will get there! It's tiny, or else I'd keep it. And the dress on the left is staying in my own collection. It doesn't fit me properly but I honestly don't care because it's perfect. It actually reminds me of the dress in these photos.

And remember that you can still enter the competition to win a Cone Bra from What Katie Did. Details are in this post!


  1. Love the details on the dress especially the pockets. xx

  2. SUPER cute outfit! Those are my favorite colors, and I just love all the detail!

  3. Adore this dress is so cute on you. And lovely finds! xxx

  4. Adorable dress and color combination!!
    I'm in my last year of getting my undergrad degree in Art History... the best place for vintage girls in academia ;) Good luck!!

  5. I now want to go on a dumpling date! Love this look and you def scored w those dresses!

  6. Mint and polka dots is the perfect combination. I love how vintage this is

  7. woh, i love your blue dress...fits you so well.

    With Love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3

  8. Great dresses and fab sunnies! LOVE your style ;)


  9. What a cute dress you're wearing :) And the red one on the left, it's indeed perfect! What a lucky find <3

    Lots of love,


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