Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vintage in Les Amours Imaginaires

When I saw Xavier Dolan's second feature film, Les Amours Imaginaires, at the cinema I spent the entire time enraptured and a huge part of that was due to the way this movie looks. From memory, the film received some negative criticism for being derivative (and also for obviously being made for young people, which doesn't make sense to me when Dolan was only about 20 when he made the film) I think it's a beautiful and very honest film. And, as I said, it looks gorgeous.

But in terms of sartorial style it is Marie, played by Monia Chokri, whose wardrobe stole my heart.

The first time we see Marie she's sporting this soft flip and a cute '60s/'70s mini dress. 

Pink cardigan! And phone! And beaded curtains!

I won't deny that I pretend I'm Marie whenever I hear Dalida's version of Bang Bang - I try not to start walking in slow motion, though. Ha. 

Her shell top reminds me of one that I own. Now I want to pair it with some blue pants.

Her styling is perfection down to the last detail.

Another great beaded shell top.

The colours of this shot are so beautiful. And the scooped back of her dress! Swoon.

To say that Dolan has an eye for detail is quite the understatement. Also, his penchant for slow motion scenes made it much easier for me to capture these images. How considerate of him! Ha.

I very much enjoy Marie's colourful coat.

There's a great scene where Dolan's character, Francis, tells Marie that not all vintage should come back or something to that effect (after she tells him the dress he has called 'outdated' is vintage) and Marie just blows smoke in his face as an answer. I love it. You can see the scene here (the part I'm referring to is around 50 seconds) but there aren't any subtitles. 

Though it is interesting how Marie's wardrobe becomes less 'vintage' until at the end she is wearing a tight mini dress reminiscent of Romy (of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion) or Casandra in Wayne's World. Still gorgeous but quite different from her style at the beginning.

I could say so much more about the film but I really wanted to focus on Marie's wardrobe for this post. One day I may write up a feature post on my movie blog...maybe. 


  1. Her wardrobe is gorgeous, you've captured some great shots from the film. I particularly love the last one with her coat and umbrella.

  2. Oh man, the "maybe not all vintage should come back" point is interesting. On one hand, when I peruse old magazines I'll definitely see things that cause a chuckle or a frown. But... All it takes is one person rocking it the right way to prove me wrong completely, so maybe it's just a matter of context.

    1. So true. I think it depends on personal taste, too! So long as someone is happy in what they're wearing, I figure it's not my place to criticise or tell them what to/what not to wear. :)

  3. urgh, this movie looks so perfect! There is something about French cinema that is soooo dreamy <3

    1. It is! :) This movie is actually Canadian but it's still dreamy :) x

  4. Ohhhh, I just adore that you shone the spotlight on a French Canadian film (merci!) - and one brimming with chic vintage style, too. I can't decide which I like more, the pink cardigan or the curve-hugging purple dress. I'll take both, please! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Added it to my Netflix queue! I love the smoke-blowing comeback...almost makes me want to take up smoking. Almost.

  6. I must shamefully admit that I haven't heard about this movie before, but it's sure been noted down on my watch list. Thank you so much for presenting it :)

    Lots of love,


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