Monday, May 6, 2013

Pink on Saturday

On Saturday I went into town for lunch with some lovely ladies and decided I was in a pink mood so it was the perfect opportunity to wear this new-to-me dress...

I saw this dress on the sale rack outside the Red Cross on Rundle Street and, as I was in a hurry, picked it up without looking it over or trying it on and just went it, paid, and rushed down to meet my lift home. Without the belt and cardigan it looks a little like a nightie but I really like it like this.

My cute record player brooch is from Modern Girl Blitz.

A very similar pose to the first image. Hah.

The two lovely ladies, Shea (aka Miss Kitty Boo) and Sam, that I had lunch with.

And we had lunch at Two-Bit Villains. Incredibly yummy onion rings and a milkshake. If you haven't been to Two-Bit Villains, yet, I highly recommend it!

Shea and I also stopped for a drink at Relax in Vintage in the Myer Centre. Really cute little shop/cafe.

Oh, I had my photo taken for a street fashion blog thingie the other day - apparently if you vote for my picture I could win something? 

And last, but most definitely not least, another lovely and talented lady I know, Gemma Vendetta, is trying to raise funds to get to the Hair Expo in Sydney this June. If you can help her out, or want to know more about her and why she wants to get there, please check out the pozible page for her project: Fly 'The Vendetta' to Hair Expo - a hairy tale! 


  1. Love the whole outfit and your hair looks great!

  2. I want her perfect red hair and glasses please.

    Oh and some onion rings.

    Also you look fab. Love the dress. Pink looks awesome on you.

  3. This is my favourite outfit of yours so far, and there've been lots to choose from!! Love your hair too, so cute.

    P x

  4. Super cute dress! I feel so lucky when impulse buys turn out to be better than expected!

    Lots of love,

  5. Such a cute, wonderful outfit! It's always a gamble when you buy something in a flash without trying it on, but I sort of like the "will it-won't it?" element and sense of suspense until you finally get to try it on (it's a little bit like the feeling as you're working your way through a scratch card or game of bingo, hoping all the while you'll have a winner on your hands.)

    Have an awesome week, dear Andi!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. You look so cute! I do love to eat onion rings too ;)xx

  7. Cute! Loving all of your sunnies! They go so well with your hair and outfits. Great find too. (I love it when something fits without trying it on-yay!)


  8. The dress looks great with the cardigan and the brooch!
    Also those onion rings look delicious.

  9. Love the record player brooch ♥

  10. SUPER cute dress! I love how simple and feminine it is, and it looks really comfortable!
    And Viola is right, you have great sunglasses. You have a definite "sunglasses face", and you rock 'em!


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