Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Return of the Pink Pants

I don't think these pink pants have made an appearance on my blog since the first time I wore them! But I wore them when I went out for lunch/shopping with a friend yesterday. The weather has been strange so I wasn't sure what to wear but I ended up putting together an outfit that, for once, didn't work in my head but worked out well in reality. Usually, it's the other way around! Was a nice surprise.

It was such a comfortable outfit I felt like I was going out in my pyjamas! Ha.

Vintage sweater clips! The daisies nearly match the floral motif in the blouse.


I'm still not very good at taking photos when I go out but I did remember to take some at the Red Cross shop on Rundle Street. I love their new(ish) upstairs. A lot of cute clothes and homewares. I only came away with two records (a Francoise Hardy compilation and Heart's Dreamboat Annie album).


And I made my friend pose in this silly cape she found...she said she felt like a dare-devil à la Evil Knievel.

P.S. Remember there is still time to enter the What Katie Did competition!


  1. I love how you're wearing those sweater clips! I'd never thought of that, serious inspiration. Looking extra amazing.. But aren't you always? Yes.

    xo Sara

  2. Agree with Lilliesandremains love the sweater clips and the way you wear them. I need to do that with my collection.

    Looking fabulous as always!

  3. These pants are sooo cute! I remember the first time you posted about them (especially because I went hunting online for my own similar pair, but came up empty handed - still haven't found any come to think of it) and am so glad to see them again. There's just something so sweet and fun about wearing a good hit of pink like this!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Your sweater clips look so perfect on your blouse, love your outfit!

  5. What a cute little shop! Pink and blue has always been one of my favourite combination and it looks lovely on you + the vintage clips are incredibly cute :)

    Lots of love,

  6. Love the outfit! The sweater clip is a great addition to the blouse :)



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