Saturday, June 29, 2013

Off again...

Hello, everyone! Somehow a week has passed since I last posted - how ever did that happen? Anyway, here is a photo of one of the newest additions to my Tammy collection. Isn't she sweet? I love her little floral sun-dress.

Tammy in the Garden

On my last post, I was asked if I wouldn't mind sharing what my MA thesis is about. I thought I would just give a little idea if anyone else is interested - if you're not just click away or keep staring at Tammy's sweet face.

So, I'm studying art history and, clearly, doing an MA. My thesis is looking at depictions of girlhood in contemporary art photography (by women) and comparing it to similar themes in cinema at around the same time (the '90s, more or less). One of the artists I'm looking at is Anna Gaskell and another is Deborah Paauwe - both have been in my list of favourite photographers since I studied photography from 2007 to 2009.  That's a pretty vague and basic description of what I'm up to but, whilst I'm more confident in the direction of my thesis than I was a month ago, it's still a little uncertain. It's a pretty big task to take on and I'm not sure yet if it was a good idea, or not. But today I don't feel like it's impossible, so that's good.

And thank-you to everyone who commented on my last post, especially the encouraging comments. I try not to let my bad moods filter onto the blog (though sometimes that feels disingenuous but maybe that's a thought for another day) but it's only natural that they will.

Having said that, it's clear that I need a little break, if only to gather up some more posts so I won't have so many gaps in my posting schedule. So, I shall see you all on the other side of my break!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tuesday night at the movies

On Tuesday night I went the Adelaide premiere of Josh Whedon's adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. I was a bit nervous about going as Shakespeare tends to make me feel like a bit of a dummy - we never covered much in school, except for Macbeth. So, I wasn't sure I'd understand it but it was easy enough to follow and I really enjoyed it. I don't know what die-hard Shakespeare aficionados think but I thought it was lovely.

Anyway, it was a pretty chilly night so I brought out one of my few long-sleeved dresses that also happens to be comfortable enough to wear while sitting in a cinema for a couple of hours. Huzzah!

While I was waiting at the cinema, I thought some people were looking over at me (you know, appreciating my awesome style) but it turns out they were ogling a Man of Steel poster. I think I can forgive them, though. Ha.

Apologies for the three very similar photos - it's proably a bit unecessary! I forgot to take a photo of my coat as I thought I was running late. I wasn't, but, well, there you go. And apologies for the somewhat lacklustre blogging, lately - I feel like there isn't a whole lot in it for my readers, at the moment, but I'm hoping you'll all stick around whilst I navigate this rough blogging patch.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sourpuss Floozy Purse Review

I was contacted at the end of last month to see if I wanted to do a review of the Floozy Purse by Sourpuss. My old handbag has given up the ghost so I thought it was quite a fortuitous opportunity. I was offered the bag in cream which would not have been my first choice if I'd bought it myself but it's a nice neutral colour and the black bow is a nice accent. It's also too small to be my everyday bag (more on the size later) but a decent size, nonetheless, at 12 by 6 inches.

From here on I shall refer to it as a handbag as the word purse to me does not mean this kind of accessory and using it as such just feels weird!

As I said, for my own purposes this handbag is too small for me day-to-day. I need room for my phone, moisturiser, powder, bandaids, mints, purse/wallet, hand sanitiser, hairspray, sunglasses, sometimes a camera and so on. Sometimes I even have a water bottle or a snack and, as I don't like carrying too many bags (makes me anxious...don't ask), I need one that's a bit bigger than this. But for going out in the evening (if I can bear to part with some of the above listed) it'd be great. I also think it looks more like a 'going out' bag as well and is certainly more practical, size-wise, than my nearly useless (to me) vintage handbags.

The handle is a little strange to me as it bridges both sides of the bag - it doesn't seem to be inconvenient but I've never had a bag like that before. At least it means that one handle/strap won't be constantly falling off my shoulder like they always do with other two-strap bags that I have. The strap just fits over my shoulder with a thin top on so it probably wouldn't fit with a coat. This may not be a problem for most people but I thought I'd mention it as I prefer carrying my bags over my shoulder when I can but don't mind just holding them in my hand if I have to.

I like that the handle is attached by o-rings as one problem I've found with bags is that they wear at the join of strap/handle and the bag itself which is nearly the most inconvenient place for it to wear out. My old bag was held together with safety pins for a few weeks until they stopped working...

The lining is really nice. There is a space for a phone or similar sized object and a little zip pocket. The zip was stuck when I first tried it but it was fine as soon as I opened and closed it again. The pocket is quite deep, which I like - more room for bandaids and mints and all those other things I like to carry if I can!

It opens up wider than I thought it would with the metal frame around the top.

Cha Cha wanted to help with the review...she'd like a new handbag, too, but I told her this one is too big for her!

I told her to be careful when she was peering inside...

But she didn't listen and she fell in! She assured me it was actually quite comfortable inside once she had righted herself but I obviously can't attest to that, myself.

And now to be serious again. Heh. I didn't take a photo of the bottom but it does have little metal feet so the bottom of the bag won't touch whatever surface it's on. I've only just noticed one of them is missing from my bag, so I've sent an email off. I won't affect my usage of the bag, though. Update: I informed Sourpuss and they are sending out a replacement bag for me. Really lovely service.

I'm not sure if the vinyl would scuff easily but it would, at least, be easier to clean down than the fabric bags I've been using the past few years. Which, again, would make it good for going out at night - I've had drinks spilled on fabric bags and it's not nice.

I'm by no means a handbag expert - I tend to use the same few bags over and over - but I can say that I really like this bag an awful lot. It might not be the best bag I've ever had (but my absolute favourite was with me for about 6 years so I'm still super attached to it, despite its shabby, unusable state) but it's probably one of the nicest. It's simple yet very cute, which I like. And, as I mentioned at the beginning, the colour means it will probably go with a lot of things! So keep a look out for it in future outfit posts.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cross Road Collectables

On Sunday, despite being worn out from all the fun I'd had the night before, mum and I went out to Cross Road Collectables. I'd heard of it through a friend, but hadn't managed to get out there before Sunday. It's deceptively large and there are a whole mix of things to look through. It was a bit overwhelming so I'll have to go again when I'm more prepared.

Look at all of the beautiful old radios! Swoon.

Another radio and some old phonograph cylinders.


Kitchen things! I see Nallyware and Fire-King.

Lots of comics! Shelves full of comics always look so colourful.

This is what I came home with. I love the covers for the Annette Mysteries - I have one other, so far. I'm not sure how many there were as I can't find a lot of information on the books. A box set/omnibus was released a few years back, it seems, but there are only four titles in it and one of the books I have isn't in there! I think some were maybe 'authorised' and others weren't? If anyone knows, please let me know.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday Night Cabaret

At the moment, in Adelaide, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival is happening! There are always so many shows that I want to go to at this time of year, but in the past few years I've not been able to afford to go along to many. This year, my friend and I decided to splurge on tickets to Kristin Chenoweth and boy am I glad we did! She was magnificent. The best show I've seen in a very long time. Her voice is beautiful and she is so funny. 

A rather dark photo of the Festival Theatre. In the past I've had requests from readers to see more of Adelaide...I guess this is a start? Ha.

Photos, of course, aren't allowed in the theatre while the show is on but sometimes I like to snap one of the stage before the show.

I had a few tearful moments during the show. When she sung this was one of them. Another was when she got a member of the audience to sing For Good (from Wicked) with her and it was a girl who said the song had been played at her friend's funeral. And then when she closed with a beautiful cover of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You. (Speaking of Dolly, Kristin has a great song called What Would Dolly Do?)

And here are some photos of what I wore...

First: this was my 'none of my photos are working out and I'm unimpressed!' face. Secondly: this looks so much like all the photos I took of myself when I was 19 for Myspace. Ha.

I wouldn't normally wear this to the theatre (I had to have my coat on my lap the entire time because the dress rode further up than I thought it would when I sat down, ha!) but my friend and I were going to go dancing after...then we were too tired. But we had a great time, anyway!

Well, this photo is more or less the same as the one above it. Oops.

And I got glasses! I don't need them all the time (mainly in low light, so they were great at the theatre) but I'm really happy with the frames I chose.

I wish I'd been able to see Idina Menzel as well but I'm glad that I managed to go see Kristin. I was only really familiar with her in Wicked and Pushing Daisies, but now I'm eager to familiarise myself with more of her career.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

They take a polaroid and let you go

Just a quick outfit post, today, by way of two of my instant film cameras (one of my polaroid cameras and my Fuji Instax Mini). 

I finally finally bought some Impossible Project film for my Polaroid camera. It's very odd - there are less exposures, for starters, but it's also no longer 'instant'. It takes up to 40 minutes for a colour photo to fully develop and they're sensitive to light, now, so need to develop in a dark place. (Which is probably why there are the 'light leak' type effects on this shot as I didn't read the instructions first. Whoops. I rarely do). But despite being quite different it's great to still be able to use my polaroid camera. And I really love the soft tones.

I look pretty awkward in this photo! I hate flash photography so I'm always preparing to not blink. You can see how much more saturated the colours are in the Fuji Instax film. But I love the passport sized photos and the camera itself is so pretty. I haven't played with it enough, though, because of how expensive the film is.

Even with digital photography, I still find watching a picture develop in front of me (whether with an instant camera or in the dark room, though I've not done that for a long time) fascinating. I'm a bit sad I can't watch the polaroids develop with the Impossible Project film, though. But I'm grateful that it exists!

Anyone else still enjoy instant cameras? One of my goals is to use more film and take more photos of other things aside from myself. But it's been my goal for years, we'll see if that happens.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toy Fair!

Today I went out to the Mega Toy Fair at the showgrounds, here. I'm pretty sure that last year I found out about it only a month after it was on so I was determined not to miss it this year. Looking at the photos on Facebook I was fairly certain I wouldn't find much that I wanted to buy - most of the photos from last year's fair were of model cars and the occassional tin toy. Luckily, when I got there, I was proved wrong. I wanted nearly everything aside from the cars (well, except for all the Batmobiles).

My outfit! Sorry again, for the mirror shot but it was quite rainy today.

I so very much wanted this Mego Batman but his price was more than what I'd budgeted for the whole fair, unfortunately.

There are always going to be disappointments, though. The only other major one was coming across this Batgirl Barbie and finding the seller wouldn't sell her separately from the other comic themed Barbies he had. At the moment, the cheapest I can find her online is $80. Sigh. If I'd had extra money, I would have bought the lot and sold the others. I understand why people want to sell things in sets, having been a vintage collector for a while and knowing how frustrating it is to see sets that are hard to find together being broken up. But these dolls weren't even a set! There were a whole lot sold around the same time but I wouldn't have thought of them as a set, as such, especially as he didn't have a couple of them, anyway. But at least I was brave enough to ask, this time!

So many neat wind-up and/or tin toys. They're not something I want to collect but I love looking at them.

Some things that I did buy! The ray-gun still sparks when you pull the trigger. And how cute are these playing cards? I'm not sure if I'll play the game but it was worth buying for the illustrations.

I finally found Tammy's brother, Ted, for a price I was happy with! I'm not as keen on him as I am his sister, which is why I've put off buying him. But seeing him today for a good price I figured, why not? His arms and legs are a bit swingy (loose) but he displays nicely. I've been after one of these lamps for a while, too. There were so many there I found it hard to choose but bears were always my favourite as a child so this one came home with me. And lastly, a Tressy doll who I bought because I liked her dress.

And a banjolele! The Melody Maker by Selcol. Selcol made a number of plastic ukuleles during the 1960s - this one has its automatic chord player - instead of placing your fingers on the frets you press a button to change chords. It's missing a couple of the buttons but, as these are getting harder to come by especially with the chord player, it was a good deal. 

The man I bought it from gave me the strangest look when I asked after the banjolele he had in his display case - it does have the word 'banjo' on it but it is technically a banjolele (despite being a toy, it's still playable) as it has the neck of a ukulele and the body of a banjo. Like George Formby used to play, but a toy/plastic! I still can't play as well as Formby, though...