Saturday, June 29, 2013

Off again...

Hello, everyone! Somehow a week has passed since I last posted - how ever did that happen? Anyway, here is a photo of one of the newest additions to my Tammy collection. Isn't she sweet? I love her little floral sun-dress.

Tammy in the Garden

On my last post, I was asked if I wouldn't mind sharing what my MA thesis is about. I thought I would just give a little idea if anyone else is interested - if you're not just click away or keep staring at Tammy's sweet face.

So, I'm studying art history and, clearly, doing an MA. My thesis is looking at depictions of girlhood in contemporary art photography (by women) and comparing it to similar themes in cinema at around the same time (the '90s, more or less). One of the artists I'm looking at is Anna Gaskell and another is Deborah Paauwe - both have been in my list of favourite photographers since I studied photography from 2007 to 2009.  That's a pretty vague and basic description of what I'm up to but, whilst I'm more confident in the direction of my thesis than I was a month ago, it's still a little uncertain. It's a pretty big task to take on and I'm not sure yet if it was a good idea, or not. But today I don't feel like it's impossible, so that's good.

And thank-you to everyone who commented on my last post, especially the encouraging comments. I try not to let my bad moods filter onto the blog (though sometimes that feels disingenuous but maybe that's a thought for another day) but it's only natural that they will.

Having said that, it's clear that I need a little break, if only to gather up some more posts so I won't have so many gaps in my posting schedule. So, I shall see you all on the other side of my break!


  1. Goof luck. Your subjets sounds nive, very nice, enjoy it!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing an overview of what your thesis is about, dear Andy. That sounds thoroughly fascinating and like it would be a really enjoyable topic to explore and write about. I hope such is the case for you and that everything goes well as you continue working on it.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Super cute Tammy doll! Her red lipstick is fantastic - one can't help but wonder what brand she used. :)

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question, and telling us about your MA thesis! I'm fascinated by art photography, and although I'm more familiar with older photographers and their work, I want to learn more about contemporary ones, so thank you, I will check out those ones you mentioned and their work. What an interesting thesis topis too! Most thesis topics are too big/vague at first, so don't worrry too much. I think the key is to research something you are passionate about, that way you can keep going when doubt occurs (which it inevitably does). Anyway, thank you. Also, don't worry about bad moods on the blog and blog breaks - your faithful readers will still be here. I personally don't mind hearing about so called bad moods, since I'm suffering some myself (and anxiety, dysthymia etc at times). Sorry for the long comment! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  4. I am so enthralled by your thesis! It sounds marvelous!



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