Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sourpuss Floozy Purse Review

I was contacted at the end of last month to see if I wanted to do a review of the Floozy Purse by Sourpuss. My old handbag has given up the ghost so I thought it was quite a fortuitous opportunity. I was offered the bag in cream which would not have been my first choice if I'd bought it myself but it's a nice neutral colour and the black bow is a nice accent. It's also too small to be my everyday bag (more on the size later) but a decent size, nonetheless, at 12 by 6 inches.

From here on I shall refer to it as a handbag as the word purse to me does not mean this kind of accessory and using it as such just feels weird!

As I said, for my own purposes this handbag is too small for me day-to-day. I need room for my phone, moisturiser, powder, bandaids, mints, purse/wallet, hand sanitiser, hairspray, sunglasses, sometimes a camera and so on. Sometimes I even have a water bottle or a snack and, as I don't like carrying too many bags (makes me anxious...don't ask), I need one that's a bit bigger than this. But for going out in the evening (if I can bear to part with some of the above listed) it'd be great. I also think it looks more like a 'going out' bag as well and is certainly more practical, size-wise, than my nearly useless (to me) vintage handbags.

The handle is a little strange to me as it bridges both sides of the bag - it doesn't seem to be inconvenient but I've never had a bag like that before. At least it means that one handle/strap won't be constantly falling off my shoulder like they always do with other two-strap bags that I have. The strap just fits over my shoulder with a thin top on so it probably wouldn't fit with a coat. This may not be a problem for most people but I thought I'd mention it as I prefer carrying my bags over my shoulder when I can but don't mind just holding them in my hand if I have to.

I like that the handle is attached by o-rings as one problem I've found with bags is that they wear at the join of strap/handle and the bag itself which is nearly the most inconvenient place for it to wear out. My old bag was held together with safety pins for a few weeks until they stopped working...

The lining is really nice. There is a space for a phone or similar sized object and a little zip pocket. The zip was stuck when I first tried it but it was fine as soon as I opened and closed it again. The pocket is quite deep, which I like - more room for bandaids and mints and all those other things I like to carry if I can!

It opens up wider than I thought it would with the metal frame around the top.

Cha Cha wanted to help with the review...she'd like a new handbag, too, but I told her this one is too big for her!

I told her to be careful when she was peering inside...

But she didn't listen and she fell in! She assured me it was actually quite comfortable inside once she had righted herself but I obviously can't attest to that, myself.

And now to be serious again. Heh. I didn't take a photo of the bottom but it does have little metal feet so the bottom of the bag won't touch whatever surface it's on. I've only just noticed one of them is missing from my bag, so I've sent an email off. I won't affect my usage of the bag, though. Update: I informed Sourpuss and they are sending out a replacement bag for me. Really lovely service.

I'm not sure if the vinyl would scuff easily but it would, at least, be easier to clean down than the fabric bags I've been using the past few years. Which, again, would make it good for going out at night - I've had drinks spilled on fabric bags and it's not nice.

I'm by no means a handbag expert - I tend to use the same few bags over and over - but I can say that I really like this bag an awful lot. It might not be the best bag I've ever had (but my absolute favourite was with me for about 6 years so I'm still super attached to it, despite its shabby, unusable state) but it's probably one of the nicest. It's simple yet very cute, which I like. And, as I mentioned at the beginning, the colour means it will probably go with a lot of things! So keep a look out for it in future outfit posts.


  1. Haha, cute photos! I love Sourpuss, they rock! I know what you mean about holding onto 'shabby''s like a fav jumper you can't get rid of lol x

  2. It's adorable - But I am exactly the same with bags as you! I need them to be big enough to fit the majority of my life in, including my mini-med-kit, an umbrella [anyone in England needs one at all times] and a book!

  3. Such a pretty handbag! Love how you styled the photos haha! xx

  4. Awww, any product review that involves a Pullip gets major love from me! :)

    Wonderful review and photos - and fear not, dear gal, I know just what you mean about the anxiety that can come with carrying multiple bags (the risk of accidentally leaving one behind - or being targeted by a thief - is multiplied and that is not fun at all!).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Loving it! May scuff easily but at least it will keep the rain out!

  6. I bought that bag last year! I think it's great for a night out too - it's so dry in Australia - can't go anywhere without a bottle of water. I also get anxious with multiple bags. That's why I have a wheelie shopping trolly -such a Nanna x


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