Wednesday, June 5, 2013

They take a polaroid and let you go

Just a quick outfit post, today, by way of two of my instant film cameras (one of my polaroid cameras and my Fuji Instax Mini). 

I finally finally bought some Impossible Project film for my Polaroid camera. It's very odd - there are less exposures, for starters, but it's also no longer 'instant'. It takes up to 40 minutes for a colour photo to fully develop and they're sensitive to light, now, so need to develop in a dark place. (Which is probably why there are the 'light leak' type effects on this shot as I didn't read the instructions first. Whoops. I rarely do). But despite being quite different it's great to still be able to use my polaroid camera. And I really love the soft tones.

I look pretty awkward in this photo! I hate flash photography so I'm always preparing to not blink. You can see how much more saturated the colours are in the Fuji Instax film. But I love the passport sized photos and the camera itself is so pretty. I haven't played with it enough, though, because of how expensive the film is.

Even with digital photography, I still find watching a picture develop in front of me (whether with an instant camera or in the dark room, though I've not done that for a long time) fascinating. I'm a bit sad I can't watch the polaroids develop with the Impossible Project film, though. But I'm grateful that it exists!

Anyone else still enjoy instant cameras? One of my goals is to use more film and take more photos of other things aside from myself. But it's been my goal for years, we'll see if that happens.


  1. Really lovely snaps - the light leaks in the first one add further dimension to it and look entirely as though they could be intentional.

    While I can't claim to have shoot much for the past few years or so, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for film (or all kinds), too. There's a great deal to be said for digital photography, but I also like the "one shot" element of film and the uncertainty of not knowing for sure how an image will look until after it's been developed.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I really like these photos. They have a nice soft tone and a kind of dreamy quality to them. The first one is my favourite.

  3. I really love the look of both of these photos! I had a Holga some years back but I must have just been too used to the digital age as I never could seem to get around to developing the photos. Bad me. :(

  4. I remember these polaroid pictures from my childhood.... I remember asking my dad to show me these magic pictures which appeared just in a few seconds...
    but they are now so faded... after 30 years some are so light that you cannot see anything anymore, just a few shadows...

  5. I love how the photos turned out! There is something still so facinating about film...

  6. You look adorable, I love your outfit!

    I have an old Polaroid instant camera that I found in an op shop a little while ago but haven't gotten around to getting any film for to see if it works. I really should!

  7. Oh how I love polaroids. That & photobooth photos.... Always flattering, and such fun waiting for them to magically appear!! You look fabulous darlin <3


  8. Love these photos babe! We totally need to go photograph taking crazy when the spring time hits!! xxx

  9. I love these. I have an old polaroid that I got some film for and practised with. I also have film cameras ranging from a 1940s box brownie (which you can still get film for) to an early 80s SLR and of course a Holga. I really need to get back into it as I love film

    Film suits you....or you suit film.

  10. I have Polaroid and Instax cameras on my wishlist at the moment, but I really should invest in a shutter release cable for my Holga pinhole before I go buying new cameras. I'll also admit to lusting after the Diana Mini and Colorsplash cameras too haha.


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