Monday, July 29, 2013

July Record Fair Finds

A few weeks ago I went to the record fair that is on every year (there are others in the year but this is one of the bigger ones) and thought I'd share my haul with you. I started a series on my record collection a while ago (post one here, post two here) but let it dwindle so this is at least a look at some of my newest additions. Anyway, on to the finds...

I was possibly most excited about finding this! This album is one of my favourites so having it on vinyl is awesome.

I was also excited to see The Newbeats' LP as Bread and Butter is one of my favourite songs. But how great are all of these covers?


Couldn't pass by Patsy! There were a lot there but this one has You Belong to Me on it.

This is possibly the best cover of the lot, though.

I let out a gasp when I saw this one - mainly because of this fantastic song. Just noticed the spelling error, as well.

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring...

As a Beatles' obsessed teen Backbeat was one of my favourite movies, so this was a pretty neat find.

Some 45s! If I'm going to be completely honest, Collette's Ring My Bell was the best of these for me to find.

And some more LPs. The Adam and the Ants one is a bit tattered (the cover) but it'll do until I find a better copy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Same dress, different hair

Today I have another post that I wrote while I was taking a break - I didn't get as many written up as I'd hoped partly because I spent my time working on my thesis but also because, in my spare time, I was mainly obsessing over Henry Cavill and playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It also means the ones I wrote were a bit lacklustre but, well, here this one is, anyway!

The other week when I was getting ready to go out for a night of dancing, I realised that I preferred the dress I'd put on when I had longer hair. It still looks really nice and I liked wearing it but I felt it worked better when my hair was longer. Or maybe I'm just longing (ergh, sorry) for long hair so much that I think everything I own looks better with long hair? Who knows? Ha.

One benefit of shorter hair is that the princess sleeves are easier to see, though.

Both of the above photos are from the same night, but I ended up changing my hairstyle before I left...

But look at my long, shiny hair! Sigh. I actually think shorter hair suits me better but I just prefer having long hair (until I get fed up of long hairs all over the house, its heaviness and spending more time than I care to think about drying it).

Feeling a little '60s...
And the first time I ever worse this dress! It's a good dress to wear out dancing, even if it does get a little warm.

Anyone else ever like an item of clothing better or worse when you've changed your hair? I know I've done the same thing when I've dyed my hair a different colour, too.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I want to be a backup singer...

Well, I'm back from my little blogging break. I've got some posts written up, including this one, that should hopefully help me get back into the swing of things!

A little while ago, now, I went out with a friend to see Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes. I haven't been to a live gig in so long for a number of reasons - sometimes I find out too late, sometimes I don't have enough money or anyone to go with and, well, sometimes I just don't go! But I'd listened to Clairy Browne on the recommendation of the same friend I went with and their soul-infused tunes are very much to my taste so I decided to go along, this time. And, boy, was I glad that I did! Such a great show. I was right at the front dancing along to every song. This is what I wore...

Apologies for the phone shot. First time I've ever been successful with wing(ed) eyeliner.

My friend prefers catching people unawares, as it were, when taking their photos. But I actually like how this one turned out. Except I didn't adjust the colours properly so it looks a bit too blue.

Said friend taken by me.

And a polaroid of me, taken by mum before I left. I lowered the flash setting instead of increasing it so it's really dark.

Clairy Browne...

and the Bangin' Rackettes! As the title suggests, seeing these ladies renewed my life-long desire to be a backup singer/dancer. But I have a feeling I'd need to be good at both singing and dancing for that. Ha.

Some music for anyone who hasn't heard them before.

And I guess this song is on a beer commercial?

If you get a chance to see them live then definitely do! But if you don't, you can still listen to some of their songs on YouTube, which I highly recommend.