Monday, July 22, 2013

I want to be a backup singer...

Well, I'm back from my little blogging break. I've got some posts written up, including this one, that should hopefully help me get back into the swing of things!

A little while ago, now, I went out with a friend to see Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes. I haven't been to a live gig in so long for a number of reasons - sometimes I find out too late, sometimes I don't have enough money or anyone to go with and, well, sometimes I just don't go! But I'd listened to Clairy Browne on the recommendation of the same friend I went with and their soul-infused tunes are very much to my taste so I decided to go along, this time. And, boy, was I glad that I did! Such a great show. I was right at the front dancing along to every song. This is what I wore...

Apologies for the phone shot. First time I've ever been successful with wing(ed) eyeliner.

My friend prefers catching people unawares, as it were, when taking their photos. But I actually like how this one turned out. Except I didn't adjust the colours properly so it looks a bit too blue.

Said friend taken by me.

And a polaroid of me, taken by mum before I left. I lowered the flash setting instead of increasing it so it's really dark.

Clairy Browne...

and the Bangin' Rackettes! As the title suggests, seeing these ladies renewed my life-long desire to be a backup singer/dancer. But I have a feeling I'd need to be good at both singing and dancing for that. Ha.

Some music for anyone who hasn't heard them before.

And I guess this song is on a beer commercial?

If you get a chance to see them live then definitely do! But if you don't, you can still listen to some of their songs on YouTube, which I highly recommend.


  1. I hadn't heard of this band, thanks for sharing. They sounds fab and they would've been amazing to see live.

    Love your outfit.

  2. Eee! You look so perfect! I love the super '30s movie star vibes. I've never heard of this qt band, but they look so fab I'll definitely give them a listen!


  3. Oh, I haven't heard of that band before. They look like they would put on an amazing live show! Also, I really love the colour of your hair!

  4. I love your outfit and look here! I've never heard of this band - will go and have a listen right now.

    And wanting to be a backing singer, well we know you can sing (and play the uke) - maybe you can show us some of your dance moves too...? ;) ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  5. I hadn't heard of them either...but they sounds fabulous!

    I think you would make a fabulous backup singer...not that I have heard you sing LOL. I love the photos too...especially the polaroids. I need to get some more film for mine.

  6. They sound amazing, I'll have to add them to my playlist! And I dig your outfit, I especially like your brooch.

  7. You look awesome! Your winged liner came out wonderfully. This whole sizzling look has bombshell written all over it.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ummm... BABEQUAKE! Your liner is perfection... and the earrings... and the hair... and yeah, just all of it, spectacular.

    xo Sara

  9. You look so beautiful, wings suit you! xxx

  10. Awesome band, thanks for sharing! You look fab, the eyeliner turned out great! You have renewed my dreams of being a back up singer too haha!


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