Monday, July 29, 2013

July Record Fair Finds

A few weeks ago I went to the record fair that is on every year (there are others in the year but this is one of the bigger ones) and thought I'd share my haul with you. I started a series on my record collection a while ago (post one here, post two here) but let it dwindle so this is at least a look at some of my newest additions. Anyway, on to the finds...

I was possibly most excited about finding this! This album is one of my favourites so having it on vinyl is awesome.

I was also excited to see The Newbeats' LP as Bread and Butter is one of my favourite songs. But how great are all of these covers?


Couldn't pass by Patsy! There were a lot there but this one has You Belong to Me on it.

This is possibly the best cover of the lot, though.

I let out a gasp when I saw this one - mainly because of this fantastic song. Just noticed the spelling error, as well.

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring...

As a Beatles' obsessed teen Backbeat was one of my favourite movies, so this was a pretty neat find.

Some 45s! If I'm going to be completely honest, Collette's Ring My Bell was the best of these for me to find.

And some more LPs. The Adam and the Ants one is a bit tattered (the cover) but it'll do until I find a better copy.


  1. So many wonderful finds!!

    I love the Bye Bye Birdie album!


  2. I now have "ring my bell" in my head LOL.

  3. I love browsing through records at Car Boot sales! DJ Craig is having a 50s/60s/70s night at Crown and Anchor on Saturday night - you'd probably get into that if you haven't checked out his DIG nights already!

  4. I have that Adam and the Ants album on vinyl - a bit tattered too but I adore it!

    That Francoise Hardy vinyl looks so beautiful - and the illustrations on the Bye Bye Bird one really are the cutest! You're pictures are always so pretty and I love seeing your finds! <3

  5. Awesome record haul! It's too cool for words that you have not one, but multiple different record fairs each year where you live. No such luck here, though yard sales and flea markets do sometimes offer up some good vintage vinyl gems.

    Have a blast listening to all your new old tuns! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. oh my glob so many good records u____u AND THE FRANCOISE HARDY ONE ESPECIALLY <3

  7. Good job, you scored some treasures. I love Francoise Hardy, and we played that Raindrops song at our wedding. ;)


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