Friday, August 30, 2013

Doll Spotlight: Most Mod Party Becky

Seeing as a lot of people seem to like my doll posts, I thought I'd focus them to one post a month with a spotlight on a certain doll or part of my collection. I'm also thinking Fridays might be a kind of 'Feature Friday' but instead of having the same feature every week, there will be four features that rotate throughout the month, so the 'Doll Spotlight' will be the last Friday starting today. I haven't thought of any other features, yet, so we'll see how it all goes! I'm not sure if I'll keep the name 'Doll Spotlight' for this one, either - I'm trying to think of something a little catchier.

Anyway, I'm starting with the Most Mod Party Becky set that was released in 2009. She is a reproduction of a prototype doll, from 1971, that was never released. Here's what the booklet that comes with the doll says about her...

The Becky Doll Story

Do you remember seeing that pretty, perky face in 1971 Barbie doll fashion catalog? Becky doll was introducted as cousin Francie doll's new mod friend. With silver-ash blonde hair, styled in a classic flip, this prototype sure did make an impression in pictures. But as 1971 went on, Mattel never moved forward with Becky doll's production. Until now! For the first time ever, Barbie Collector presents Beck - with Twist 'N Turn waist and bendable legs. The wait is over! Welcome, Becky doll!

Most Mod Party Becky

I love the design of the box - for some reason it makes me think of a 1970s board game...

Most Mod Party Becky
but the inside is more fun!

Becky uses the Casey mould (also used by the Twiggy doll released in 1967) which was the biggest smile the Barbie family had seen at this point! She comes with three of her very own fashions, with little 'Becky' labels sewn in, a number of accessories and a booklet which shows some of the original images of the Becky prototype.

Becky close-up
Becky close-up.

Most Mod Party Becky
Look at the neat accessories she comes with! I love the pink turntable and the little record. And you can't have a party without invitations and a guest list.

Mod Party Trio
All three of the outfits being modelled by Dee Dee (a 30th anniversary repro Francie), Lulu (Smashin' Satin repro Francie) and Becky. Lulu is wearing an extra jacket not from this set and Dee Dee wears the repro boots she came with.

What do you all think of the Doll Spotlight feature idea? Are there any doll related questions anyone would like me to answer for the next Doll Spotlight? Or, if the question is more pressing, you are welcome to email me at

Hopefully you all enjoyed this Feature Friday Doll Spotlight and I'll be working on the spotlight for next well as trying to think of three other features! (Maybe I'll just try to think of one other, for now...) And you can follow the tumblr I use for my doll collection in the meanwhile, if you're interested.


  1. I love mod Becky, she's awesome! I also love this series, please keep them coming! :)

  2. Andi, I just want to say I really have been enjoying the post and have been wondering about you collection. I like the idea of your featured doll posts and I really like you Becky doll. Too cool!

  3. They are so gosh darn adorable! I love their outfits.

  4. Oh I just love these dolls, the outfits are great!

  5. A lovely doll and a really interesting story!

  6. What a fabulous post series idea! I don't actively collect dolls at the moment (I used to be huge into Pullips and Re-Ment, and though I'll always love both, I sold my collections to help finance our cross country move last year), but I absolutely love them and wouldn't doubt that I might get into one kind or another again some day.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I really like the idea of doll spotlight Fridays, and I wouldn't mind seeing them every Friday! Though I have to admit, Becky's smile is a little unnerving to me...

  8. She's fantastic. I would totally wear all of her outfits in real life.


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